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TENS Treatment For Pain Management

Robert Fogarty

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Most Americans live with pain but do not have to. There are many alternative treatments for those suffering from chronic or acute pain including TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This treatment has proven effective in fighting pain from a number of muscle and joint problems as well as from a variety of other causes. Find pain clinic near you to receive a full consultation on your particular situation and the possibility of TENS for drug free pain relief.

What is it?

TENS is a small medical device that provides electrical pulses directly to areas affected by pain. It is often used in healthcare settings such as doctor’s offices, wellness centers, and pain clinics but is also available for use at home. The effectiveness of the treatment and how it works is not fully understood by the medical community but two of the most common explanations suggest that the electrical pulses disrupt pain receptors and that the process naturally triggers and produces the body’s own painkillers, endorphins. The device is small about the size of a cell phone and consists of a power unit and electrodes with wires that connect from the power unit to your body.

Different types of TENS

Conventional treatment allows the patient to place electrodes on or near pain centers for up to 30 minutes depending on the patient’s needs. Acupuncture like TENS systems provide a much higher localized intense electrical pulse that can often offer better pain relief can be longer-lasting. PENS, percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation which is very similar to TENS has and uses needles instead of electrodes to deliver the electrical pulse with needles similar to acupuncture.

Pros and Cons

The obvious benefits of this alternative therapy is that it does not include the use of drugs, physically demanding exercises, physical manipulations, and offers control to the patient. It is often recommended alongside other treatment plans. The effectiveness depends on the patient. It is disadvantages include the fact it is not always effective, can sometimes cause skin irritation (although electrodes can be changed), cannot be used by anyone using a pacemaker, it is not clear if it is safe for pregnant women, and cannot be used on the front of your neck as it may disrupt heart rhythms.

Guidelines for Use

When using this medical device there are certain guidelines to take into consideration before use. Before connecting electrodes to the skin make sure the skin is clean and clear of all skin lotions, oils or other applications to the skin. It may also be beneficial and more effective to remove hair from the area where the electrode connects to the skin. Never place the electrodes near your eyes or throat. Never use the device in or near water. Slightly changing the position of the electrodes during every treatment can help avoid skin irritation. The level of intensity of the electrical pulse should still enable daily tasks.

As part of a full pain clinic treatment program TENS provides a possibly effective pain relief measure that can lessen the need for other more invasive pain relief procedures. Fort Collins residnets should visit this website - Fort Collins Pain Clinic .

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