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Orthopedic Surgeon Involved In Pain Management

Robert Fogarty

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Pain can occur as the result of a lot of different conditions. As a result, there are a number of specialists who are involved in pain management. For many, this is an area of specialty. Pain is the cause of a diminished quality of life which can impact health directly. Some conditions cause pain that is severe enough that it prevents them from being able to work while others are unable to perform normal activities to care for themselves. The specialists who treat pain as part of their practice and/or as part of a pain management team include:

• Orthopedic Surgeons – Specialists who treat diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system

• Neurologists – Specialists who treat diseases of the nervous system

• Neurosurgeons – Specialists who perform surgery on the nervous system

• Anesthesiologists – Specialists who apply anesthesia and who take care of patients during and after surgery

The type of doctor you choose to treat your pain should be based on his/her area of treatment and a number of other factors. You want a specialist who is knowledgeable about pain treatment as it relates to your condition and who you can trust to provide the best possible treatment for your needs.

One example would be in management of pain after orthopedic surgery. The orthopedic surgeon who performs the surgery should be prepared to use the most advanced methods of pain relief for your comfort after the surgery is complete. Medications, including NSAIDS, opioids, or local anesthetics will not only make the patient more comfortable following surgery, but will also enhance recovery so that you recover faster.

Surgeons and patients in different areas of specialty are turning to alternative methods of pain relief more frequently to get relief without the concern of side effects that drugs frequently produce. Both acupuncture and hypnosis have gained respect as genuine medical treatments in reducing or eliminating pain. The surgeon may use a combination of drugs and alternative treatments to create a pain management system that is right for the individual. Various factors will be taken into consideration to determine a customized plan for you. These factors will include any experiences you have had with pain management in the past.

The extent and seriousness of the surgery or other procedure will determine what type of pain medication or other types of pain treatment are required. When large orthopedic procedures are performed, the orthopedic surgeon will frequently use opioids to manage the patient’s pain. This class of pain medication may be administered as an oral, intramuscular or intravenous drip. Opioids are especially effective in managing the pain of patients who have short-term moderate to severe pain following orthopedicsurgery.

Most people are aware that local anesthetics are used during procedures to prevent pain in a confined area of the patient’s body. Anesthesia may also be used to management the pain along with other techniques to keep the person comfortable after the surgery.

When choosing an orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon or other professional who will be performing a surgical procedure on you, ask about their approach to management and what your options are. Making you as comfortable as possible until you are healed should be a priority of any surgeon. For Phoenix based Orthopedic Surgeons, please visit - Orthopedic Surgeon Phoenix .


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