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How Many Times Should One Take A Steam Shower?


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How Many Times Should One Take A Steam Shower?

The information about the benefits of taking a steam shower is rapidly spreading across the globe. It is for this reason that the industry has seen a rapid rise in the number of households that install a steam shower cabin instead of going to spas where they have to pay membership fees. Despite the sudden information explosion, a lot of people still don’t know how often they should take a steam shower in order to get these various health benefits. If one does not do it regularly enough then there is no effect and if one overdoes it, there will be adverse effects. This article will outline how often one should enjoy a steam shower.

Social, Economic & Personal Factors

When you look back through time you will see that steam showers are not something that began in this new age. It spans back to the earliest civilizations. Even before empires or cities begun to arise, people would visit locations that had steam vapors coming out of the earth’s cracks to relax and get its health benefits as well. In empires like Rome there were steam baths made from natural hot springs that the public could enjoy. They became social meeting places that came with health benefits. This somewhat resembles the spas and wellness clubs that we have today where those of certain social classes visit on a regular. Here they can socialize while enjoying relaxing steam showers. Other people would go for steam showers just because their friends were doing it. The rich for a long time were therefore able to take more steam showers than those of the lower economic and social rungs. Nowadays however, this is open to even the middle class who can even go further and have a steam shower enclosure installed in their private homes.

Physical Health Factors

One’s personal health greatly determines how often or if an individual can take a steam shower at all. If you are a perfectly healthy adult, one steam shower every week is recommended by various health personnel. This however does not mean that you cannot take more than one. If possible, you can take a steam shower on a daily basis. This is even more so for those who work out or have physically demanding jobs. There are health conditions that recommend you take more than one steam shower a day. These conditions include arthritis, acne and asthma.

For those who are under 13 years of age, it is not recommended to take more than one steam shower a week. This goes the same for the elderly who are over 65 years of age. Pregnant women are advised to completely avoid steam showers.

Duration of Steam Shower Factor

How long your steam shower is also determines how many times a week you can take them. It is recommended that you limit your steam shower to 15-20 minutes and have a sufficient cooling off period before continuing with the rest of your activities. If your steam showers are very short, (5-10 minutes) you can take more than one a week


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