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Recommended Dosage: Ways to Take Kratom Capsules

Whitney Segura

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Herbs and vitamin supplements usually come with a standard recommended dosage by the manufacturer. Kratom capsules are not any different but much more important because of the strong effects that can occur. Some retailers do not list the recommended dosage but this is something worth knowing when dealing with Kratom.

Kratom capsules come in different sizes that designate the amount of milligrams used.

  • The capsules can range in size from size #4 to size #000. If you know your capsule size, below is a summary that can give you a ballpark strength of each pill.

#4 Size 10-40 mg
#3 Size 40-140 mg
#2 Size 140-200 mg
#1 Size 200-399 mg
#0 Size 400-599 mg
#00 Size 600-875 mg
#000 Size 875-950 mg

Kratom Capsules

The dosage of Kratom that works for each individual may also be different depending on your chemical makeup and what type of stimulation you are looking to achieve.

  1. Starting slow and increasing the dosage is always a good idea. Too much of anything can leave you with adverse reactions that can make you ill.

If you purchase the popular #1 Size of Kratom capsules, begin with a dosage of 1-4 pills.

  • This will be a good indicator as to how much your body needs in order to receive the benefits.
  • Add 1 more pill with each session until you reach your goal.
  • Most reputable manufacturers will warn not to exceed 10 capsules at any one time.

Kratom Alkaloids Chemical Makeup

Kratom comes from the Kratom tree found in Thailand and other areas of Southeast Asia. The dark green leaves are responsible for the 25 different alkaloids that aid in lowering blood pressure, promote relaxation and contain powerful antioxidants.

Although this plant is known for being a good source of pain reliever, the effects of kratom can also contains strong psychotropic agents that aid as a mood enhancer. Unusual as it may sound, the ingredients also stimulate the body so there is no sluggish, drug-induced feeling often associated with pain-killing drugs.

Used for centuries by the natives of Southeast Asia, Kratom is an herbal remedy that is effective against diarrhea and menstrual cramps.

  • Those suffering from opium withdrawal have also been able to escape the side effects associated with this painful experience.
  • Consumed directly from the Kratom tree leaves, this practice is still being used and very useful.
  • Mitragynine is the principle alkaloid that has been credited for the benefits of the herb and just recently, Westerner's have taken notice to Kratom.

Kratom capsules are a great way to keep your body's functions in balance, deal with pain in a natural, non-harming way and deal with the stress that is too often found in today's world.

  • But abusing dosage, as with any other product, can have consequences.
  • Always follow the recommended dosage when ordering and shopping for mitragynas speciosa online, it's always important to view authentic & unbiased kratom capsules reviews and discover how complete your system can feel.

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