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Fibromyalgia - Understanding Treatments For Fibromyalgia


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Fibromyalgia is a chronic symptom that usually affects women above 30 but this syndrome can affect men and children too. Fibromyalgia causes pain in the joints and other parts of the body and is actually a muscular pain in the joints.

It can cause centralized pain in the spinal chord and brain, which can be misinterpreted. The joints may feel inflamed and the skin, tender. Shooting pain is experienced along with giddiness and memory fog. This muscular pain causes various other symptoms in the person. Depression, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, extreme mood swings, restless sleeping are some of the effects of Fibromyalgia.

There is no known specific treatment for this but it can be arrested with certain medications and natural therapies. The symptoms are different in different individuals hence the treatment is to be designed accordingly. A combination of treatments can have better effect as the symptoms can be varied.

Learning about Fibromyalgia and understanding the symptoms can be the first step towards successfully treating this disease. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this illness and can cause more problems due to the lack of knowledge. There are community support groups that help in educating patients and family on these symptoms as understanding can bring about a cure. In these help groups patients discuss their various problems related to Fibromyalgia thus making the others feel familiar and provide tips on treatment from personal experience.

Fibromyalgia patients commonly experience symptoms of stress and fatigue. This can affect everyday life and can put a strain on relationships. Since stress levels vary among patients, the treatment for stress needs to be individualized accordingly. One can reduce stress starting with simple meditation to organizing life, to avoid tension in many ways. Family and friends can be of great help as even light, smell, and a slight change in temperature can affect Fibromyalgia patients. Keeping these factors in mind the family can help work around in order to help avoid stress in the patient.

Light physical exercise can help flex the tender muscles and keep them from causing discomfort. Exercise can also improve the immune system by increasing circulation and help the person sleep better. Other than these natural methods, there are other traditional medications, which are recommended for Fibromyalgia. However, side effects make them difficult for certain sufferers.

These tricycle antidepressants take care of depression that the patient undergoes. These antidepressants also help in relieving pain thus relaxing the person and restoring good sleep. Commonly used anti depressants for fibromyalgia are amitriptyline and doxepin. Pregabalin is the first approved medication in treating fibromyalgia. Prozac can work effectively in reducing anxiety levels and improving sleep. These medicines need to be taken after consultation with the doctor.

Localized anesthesia can be taken in the form of injections for shooting and severe pains. Flexeril a muscle relaxant can help relieve the pain in the joints due to the tender muscles. Anti-inflammatory drugs can also be taken in specified doses to reduce the pain. Narcotic and steroid pain relievers, even though they may bring temporary relief, can be addictive and hence are not recommended. Acupuncture has shown effective relief in patients when treated for specific problems. It is believed that certain forms of needle therapy assist patients in recovery.

Once the patient understands the symptoms it will be easier for him to handle the different aspects of his condition. Fibromyalgia is not fatal and hence going about it the right way can bring relief and cure. The patient must learn to tolerate the pain as it might other increase anxiety and create further sleep disorders. Going in for physiotherapy can also help in reducing the pain and muscle tension. Being active is best to keep the muscle tension in control. Magnetic therapy can be effective for relieving pain and may be the perfect cure to the syndrome. Massage therapy works well in relaxing the tensed muscles.

Some patients also respond to hormone therapy, growth hormones can be effective in pain relief and further healing. Anti oxidants can reduce the damage of free radicals and improve general health. All these treatments are to be combined effectively and tailored for each individual benefit. There is no particular treatment for fibromyalgia, but a combination of the above-mentioned therapies with medication can prove very effective.

Taking a natural approach to fibromyalgia seems to be preferable because there aren't the side effects of all of these medications. Work with what your body tells you.

Hailey Harris is an expert in dealing with Fibromyalgia after suffering for more than 10 years with health problems. She is now symptom free and living a pain free life. She developed found at to help others learn to do the same. To receive tons of info, tips, and healing strategies for free visit


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