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Manage Your Pain by Herbal Remedies at Home

John K Crawford

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For decades, people have used herbal preparations and natural remedies for the relief and management of moderate to severe pain, and with some pretty good success rates.

In this modern society of over-medication and pill popping out, we've really gotten away from out natural resources for the treatment and relief of the most persistent types of pain, such as muscle pain, nerve damage, arthritis, migraine headaches and other discomforts, ranging from minor, to moderate, to severe. Not only that, we've subjected ourselves to medications which can have bad side effects, and be highly addictive.

Are you tired of taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen for aches and pains? Are you wondering what you can do to ease your aches and soothe your pains with an herbal remedy made in your own home? Mother Nature offers us everything we need. We only have to learn how to utilize the tools. Read on to learn how to make an herbal remedy for aches and pains.

Here are some things You'll Need: Chamomile flowers, 1 L of water, Clean towel, Laurel leaves and 1/2 L of water.

First, you'd better to make some hot herbal poultice. You'd follow these steps below:


Gather a handful of chamomile flowers. Remove the stems and leaves. Rinse the flowers well.


Boil the chamomile in 1 L of water for five minutes, leave the pot covered and allow the remedy to steep for 20 minutes.


Sift out the flowers, and throw them away. Soak a clean towel in the warm water, wringing out the excess liquid. Place the towel with chamomile water on the painful area until it cools.


Reheat the liquid and apply this simple remedy several times a day, as needed.

There are lots of de-stressing therapies that you can use as a combative therapy against pain, and help to reduce the amount of treatment you need for this uncomfortable condition. Yoga and Tai Chi are two of the slow-moving, muscles sculpting and muscle-caring exercises which can dramatically reduce your occurrence of pain in your back.

Many people who practice slow moving, muscle-focused exercises report substantially less pain, as well as a renewed sense of well being. There are numerous stretches you can do in your spare time which help to lengthen the back muscles out again, especially if you sit at a desk all day, and this helps to kill any pain. Think of stretching as a necessary pre-emptive strike against pain, and as a natural pain killer - it's very therapeutic!

There is also a herbal massage rub you should to learn, and here is the processes:


Rinse a handful of laurel leaves in 1/2 L of boiling water.


Allow the mixture to boil slowly for two hours. Watch the liquid closely and add a very small amount of additional water if too much is boiling off, but only if necessary.


Sift the laurel leaves from the remaining liquid and throw away the leaves.


Apply this herbal remedy to the affected area with friction massage several times a day.

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