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3 Simple Techniques to Release Your Tight Hamstrings and Stiff Lower Back


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Before we do these simple techniques lets check our flexibility level. . . stand with your feet together, now inhale and reach up, then exhale and bend from your waist. Keep your legs straight and reach for your toes.

Make a mental note of how far you can go.


This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to rapidly improve your flexibility and your quality of movement. I use this simple technique to help my clients release lower back tension, sciatic pains, and to improve their sporting performance.

Massaging or pressing the feet is an ancient health practice still found in many parts of the world. Walk down any street in China Town and you'll see Foot Massages advertised.

The inner arch of the foot directly links to the posterior chain of the body - picture a band running from your head down your neck, all the way down through your back, your buns, your legs and your calves, and finally into the sole of your foot.

If we release the tension on the inner arch of the foot we can release that whole band running up the rear of your body.

We'll use a firm plastic ball such as a field hockey ball, or you can get a specially designed pair of balls from my site, for this technique.

Sit in a chair and place the ball on the floor.

•Push the foot down on the ball and roll clockwise with firm pressure for 9 complete circles.

•Then roll back and forth along the inner arch 9 times this releases the spine. Give extra attention to any tender areas.

•When complete, change sides.

Repeat the toe touch test and see how much looser you feel!


Mas Oyama (the founder of Kyokashinkai Karate) said, “All movements originate from the source, from the center of the body!"

We can also say that all tension originates from the core - the center of the torso.

This simple technique will release tension throughout the torso and particularly the lower back and butt muscles.

a). In an upright standing position take your fingertips and find your solar plexus (the soft spot just below your breast bone).

b) Dig your fingers up under your rib cage relaxing your abdominal muscles.

c) Gradually work your way downwards along the edge of the rib-cage, keep digging your fingers up and under.

d) Work your way all the way down to the floating ribs (the bottom of the rib-cage). Then, start again at the top and work your way down once more.

e) Repeat this 5-10 times, gradually pushing harder and harder with your fingertips. Dig your fingertips deeper under the rib-cage as you relax your abdominal muscles and release any excess intra-abdominal pressure and core tension.

Warning:-this exercise may release gas do not perform in confined spaces.

Repeat the toe touch test and see how much looser you feel.


I first came across this technique in Chi-Gung but variations on percussion or tapotement are used in Western Massage.

a) Start with your feet hip width wide and your knees soft. Bend forwards from your waist. If you're new to this technique then support some of your weight with your left hand on top of your left thigh.

b) Reach around behind your back with your right arm and, using the back of the right wrist; firmly tap the right lower back. As with the rolling and ball work, avoid the spine itself, there's plenty of muscle on either side of the spine to work on.

c) Gradually increase the intensity of the tapping but be wary of the kidney area. Continue for as long as necessary, you should feel increased blood flow in the area and a release from tension. I always feel an increase in energy as well.

Repeat on the other side.

This is where you can find out more about 5-Minute Flexibility -

Based upon Giles Wiley's book and DVD “5-Minute Flexibility - Rapid Releases for Tight & Tired Muscles" - Giles is a fitness expert and author who brings you unique methods of realizing your true physical potential.


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