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Fixed My Sore Shoulders Banished the Pain


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A while back, I fell to the floor and injured my arm. Ever since that time, my shoulder has ached and it causes me extra pain especially when I try to move my arm above my shoulders. At night it aches to the point where I must take painkiller in order to get relief and some sleep.

My shoulder never did get better by itself so I was forced to seek out a doctor to determine what could be done. The doctor advised me that I have a “Rotator Cuff" tear and perhaps surgery might be my best choice.

The thought of having surgery was my “never-ever" choice. So there must be a better solution.

Asking around with friends and family and others who had similar shoulder problems showed that the doctor route was the one most used. One suggestion was to try the internet, which I did.

A search on the Internet revealed a large array of possible solutions, most of them were doctor/surgery related. A few had just exercises but the ads were not very appealing.

A couple of sites had some very exciting testimonials about curing shoulder pain.

Here's an example about what one said -
"I have followed your program religiously, and I have noticed almost full recovery in just one week. I thought my career was going to be short lived. Thanks to your book I don't feel that way anymore. "

Saika, Oriental bar therapist from Orlando, Florida

The cost for the books /tapes was very reasonable ($40 bucks) , so I decided to go for it.

Once the payment with a credit card was made the e-Book and instructions were downloaded, the suggested exercises began immediately.

My experience is that within 2 weeks of doing the exercises, my shoulder felt much better and the pain is greatly diminished. I can now move my arms higher and higher each day and full extension is just around the corner. My need for pain killers is now gone.

My expectations are that within the prescribed 6 week program, my shoulder pain will be eliminated completely.

Even though I haven't fully completed the program, I'll go ahead and reveal the Internet site now, so others can get relief too,

For more info email me . . .

- Gary McCreary (an ex-sore shoulder recipient).

Author: Gary McCreary - Former Computer Programmer now a retired businessman looking to supplement his income


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