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Natural Cure For Migraine


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Migraine is a neurological disease, and person suffering from this disease often gets the attack of severe unbearable headache. The headache often accompanied with other problems such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness and gastrointestinal disturbances. With the onset of such problems, one finds it difficult to combat the problem and carry on the daily activities smoothly.

Studies have revealed that the major root of migraine is deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. Our body requires a right amount of vitamins and minerals, and consumption of vitamins Such as B2 (Riboflavin) and B6 (Pyridoxine) helps immensely in combating migraine. Vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 has proved effectiveness in providing relief from the killer headache of migraine and other related symptoms. If one incorporates the right amount of these two vitamins in his/her daily diet, the frequency of migraine attacks will automatically come down.

The chief sources of riboflavin vitamin are liver, kidney, muscle, egg, milk, green leafy vegetables wheat germ and yeast. The daily requirement of this vitamin is approximately 1.8 mg. In addition, the chief natural sources of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) are yeast, rice polishing, egg yolk and the germ of various grains and seeds. The daily requirement of this vitamin is approximately 2mg. One should keep in mind that the other B vitamins are not effective in combating the pain relief in case of migraine headache, so one should prefer B6 and B2 instead. However, if one chooses to take vitamin B complex, the other vitamins are at least effective in reducing the risk of migraine strokes.

B vitamins have been found as a good treatment for migraine since they have an effect on the nervous system and the brain function.

Vitamin C is very important for the bodies’ health since it help to product antibodies and strengthens the connective tissues.

Vitamin C also helps to protect other vitamins and therefore is crucial when suffering from migraine and other diseases.

Calcium is very important for nerve conduction and muscles contraction, therefore can be very useful when suffering from migraine.

The important minerals that are effective in combating migraine are magnesium and calcium. The dark green leafy vegetables and seafood are best natural source for both magnesium and calcium. The other sources of magnesium are beans and whole grains, and for calcium, dairy products are ideal. It is advisable to incorporate dairy products and dark green leafy vegetables in the daily diet. However, a very important point of consideration is that simultaneous intake of calcium and magnesium is not advisable, as calcium inhibits the body from absorbing magnesium. Therefore, a person must make a proper diet chart and keep the time into consideration like, one in morning and the other at night.

Thereby, one can always view the diet chart and make the revision accordingly, giving priorities to the required constituents. However, one should always consult the doctor and get the clear picture related to the intake of above-mentioned vitamins. The right way and regularity in consumption will surely help a person in combating the unbearable pain of migraine headache.

Jack L Bloom is the owner of Vitamin Bag . For more information about curing migraines with vitamins visit the Vitamins for Migraine Page.


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