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Chronic Pain Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Kaleena A Lawless

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Most people experience back, shoulder and neck pain at some point in their lives. Chronic pain is aches and pains that will not go away. Some people suffer for many years without relief.

Some Causes of Chronic Pain

-Improper lifting


-Bad posture

-Muscular imbalances

-Herniated discs

-Sleeping with an uncomfortable mattress or pillow

-Regularly carrying a shoulder bag

-Uncomfortable foot wear, such as high heels.


-Osteoarthritis (the wear and tear arthritis caused by many years of physical activity)


Many times, people wait until they are are immobilized to seek treatment and they will usually reach for the pain killers, which not only stop working once your body adjusts to the dosage but are also addictive. Ask your doctor for pain killers as a last resort.

Ways to prevent back pain:

-Lift with your legs. To do this, squat down toward the object and lift like you are performing a squat instead of bending at the waist and lifting with your back.

-Be especially careful. Hold on the railing all of the time on stairs. Make sure your winter boots have good traction for ice.

-With many people working desk jobs or spending a lot of hours at a computer, make sure you sit up straight and stretch every hour.

-Don't sleep on an old mattress with your body's imprint moulded in to it. Don't sleep with a flat, lifeless pillow. Sometimes it helps to put a pillow in between your knees to keep your hips aligned.

-Wear a well fitted backpack instead of a shoulder bag. Try to pack light whenever possible.

-Wear comfortable shoes with support. Wear platforms instead of high heels.

-Don't try any activity that your body is not ready for. For example, don't attempt a back flip if you have never had training in gymnastics.

-Lift weights to strengthen bones, joints and ligaments.

-Lose weight to take pressure off the spine.

-Get your recommended daily intake of calcium to keep bones strong and healthy.

Even with prevention accidents happen. Here are ways to treat chronic pain:

-Strength training. It amazes me how many people complain of pain but won't try to fix it with strength training. A lot of the time back pain is caused my a weak core. When the abs are stronger than the back or vice versa the stronger side is forced to over compensate causing imbalances. Gentle exercises like crunches and back extensions will help to repair.

-Try pilates. Pilates was invented as rehabilitation for World War 2 veterans. It is fantastic for correcting injuries and imbalances.

-Heat. A heat pad will warm up the muscles. A heat pad in combination with an anti-inflammatory before bed will work wonders.

-Acupuncture and massage. Sometimes all you need is to get the blood circulating in the problem areas.

The good news is most pain (at its worst) goes away in a few days. The best thing to do to avoid a recurrence is prevention and treatment that doesn't hide symptoms but fixes the problem at its source.

Watch Your Back!

Kaleena Lawless
Personal Training Specialist


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