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Relieve Muscle Pain Naturally With Compression Method Therapies

Nina Schnipper

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Compression offers muscle pain relief, simply and naturally. It is applied through a variety of natural therapies, including basic first aid.

Basic self-care for injuries.

Many organizations in the U. S. offer formal training in basic first aid for emergency medical conditions and minor injuries. Compression is one of the fundamental steps in administering first aid.

Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation may be critical in saving a life, as well as provide easy relief to tense muscles. These basic steps are used in medical settings throughout the world to treat an array of conditions.

Beyond basic care: health benefits of compression.

However, compression has also been used within natural health practices to relieve pain and tension.

Compression is used in the following ways to relieve pain and reduce tension:

* To improve circulation in bodily areas where blood-flow is compromised

* To refresh the flow of energy where it is stuck or stagnant

* To reduce circulation and energy in over-stimulated or traumatized tissues

* To restore integrity to muscle tissues as they recover from sports

* To initiate a healing response to muscles that have been hurt

* To relax the mind and return the nervous system to a healthier state

* To assist muscles, joints and bones in alignment

* To provide a nourishing and calming touch to hurt bodies

* To lessen inflammation and swelling in injured areas

Natural therapies with compression.

Several styles of massage, acupressure, acupuncture, yoga, and other methods have incorporated compression to relieve muscle pain.

Basic Swedish massage strokes provide light compression to rejuvenate blood-flow and relax the nervous system. Thai massage uses compression to clear chakras and restore energy to compromised areas.

Acupressure and acupuncture use focused compression to stimulate a healing response in certain parts of the body.

Even yoga uses compression to heal muscle pain, reduce soreness, and divert energy. In a yoga practice, props are often used that have mildly compressive effects. For example, a folded blanket or pad, placed along the spine, may be laid upon to gently compress the muscles and vertebrae into healthy alignment.

Everyday aid.

If you start to take notice, you will see how compression has many therapeutic benefits. You may discover its uses for relieving muscle pain and tension. Or you might find it “slipped into" other healing practices. Gentle, simple compression has always been used to heal bodies.

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