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Kidney Stones Cure


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Some people believe that there is no actual cure for kidney stones and you just have to wait for them to pass out of your body. Some people do not realize that they have kidney stones until after they see their doctor. Doctors usually examine you and rule out other possibilities before coming to a conclusion that you have kidney stones.

They may give you medication for pain and discomfort during this time. In worse cases they may set up an appointment to have the stones removed by a procedure. One important kidney stones cure is drinking lots of water. When you drink water you are helping the kidney stone to pass out through your body. This may not happen immediately but it can really make things go a lot faster. If the stone is small in size it is more likely to pass out quicker on its own. There is generally a small fraction of people that actually have to have them surgically removed. It is different for everyone, but the actual time it usually takes for a kidney stone to pass is about one to four weeks.

Sometimes it may take a while for a kidney stone to show you any symptoms. They could even possibly be overlooked at a doctor's office because of not having any immediate symptoms. Once your doctor finds you have them and sometimes this can happen during a routine exam. He will tell you some helpful cures that may remove the stones. Drinking more fluids is the number one thing to start doing once you know for sure you have kidney stones.

It will be good if you can manage to drink up to eight glasses of water each day. Talk with your doctor about this and make sure that it is right for you. Ask your doctor for pain medication if your pain is severe. You should not have any trouble talking your doctor into giving you pain medicine. This medicine can be very helpful while passing the stones from your body.

Sometimes kidney stones cures are more in depth and need more attention. If your stones are large and more severe, then your doctor may want to cure them by doing other things such as using shock waves to break the stones up. This is a common treatment for more severe kidney stones.

They can also break it up like this so that it can pass out on its own. These are just some of the ways for helping to cure kidney stones. A kidney stones cure will differ from person to person depending on how severe it is, how large the stones are and if the stones can be passed or if you will need medical attention.

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