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Kidney Stones Without Symptoms


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If you have kidney stones without symptoms then you can count yourself lucky. They can sometimes be so small that they do not cause any pain, and we don't even realize that we have them until we feel the pain that is associated with them. If you don't have any pain then chances are you will never realize that you have had them. Having pain in the abdomen, back, genitals and groin area are common with kidney stones that reach a certain size.

Pain in these areas can become quite severe and may need medical attention from your doctor. If the stones are small and smooth, chances are they may pass through your body with out you ever knowing about it or without having any symptoms. These small stones may give you no pain or other ways of knowing what is going on with your body. Some people call them silent kidney stones.

Small kidney stones have a very good chance of passing out of your body. If you drink enough water and other fluids you could flush them out of your system over time. However, those that are much larger then this may require medical attention from a doctor. Some get so large that they require surgery to remove them.

Some of the symptoms that you will not have to go through if your kidney stones are small, are nausea, blood in the urine, painful urination, tenderness of the abdomen and fever and chills. Most of the people who have them are not that lucky and do experience these symptoms at one point or the other. Even when you don't have symptoms from kidney stones when you go to pass them out of your body you are likely to know about it.

If you don't have symptoms of this disease then you will not know what is going on inside of your body. Sometimes it takes some time before you have any type of symptoms. They can be severe or they can pass through your systems without you having much knowledge of it until it actually happens. People that have had them before should watch their diets, drink plenty of fluids and get the proper exercise the need.

When you have a kidney stone in the beginning you will most likely experience no symptoms at all. As time passes by some of these symptoms may start to arise with you having one or all of the symptoms related to stones. If these symptoms are just ignored then they could get worse and cause you severe problems later down the road. If you are lucky you will be one of the ones that can pass a kidney stone without having to go through severe pain or seek medical attention.

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