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Why Do I Get Kidney Stones?


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Many people ask themselves why do I get kidney stones?

If other people in your family such as your parents have had kidney stones, you may have a higher risk of getting them. Heredity can play a big part, your location could be another cause. The reason for this is that warmer temperatures can cause people to become more dehydrated.

So people that live in a warmer climate from the southern part of the United States may be more at risk than people who live in cooler climates. Your diet may or may not be a direct cause. If you have already had kidney stones in the past then foods that are high in calcium may increase your chances of getting them again. In this case you should try and stay away from foods that are high in calcium. But if you have never had a kidney stone in your life then you may not need to watch your diet. It differs with each individual person.

When we ask ourselves why do I get kidney stones, there may be different reasons that come into play. Another reason may be if you take water pills or diuretics every day. This can increase your risk. If you take antacids containing calcium this can also increase your chances. HIV patients who take certain types of medications have a higher risk of forming them.

By figuring out the problem of why we get them we can sometimes better protect ourselves and other people we know. Many people get kidney stones every year and it can be very painful and a big problem in their lives. If we can acquire some kind of knowledge about the causes of kidney stones, we may be able to help ourselves and others better. This is a preventive measure to keep them from becoming more of a problem.

Kidney stones are caused by different problems and some of them are still unknown. The way we live our lives and what we put in our body can play a big factor in why we get stones. They are a build up of calcium in our bodies. So it is hard for us to understand how much calcium we need to take in each day.

Some people may be at higher risk than others and may not do well at eating high calcium foods while others have no problem with eating foods high in calcium. Moderation of the calcium that you have in your diet may be the answer if you are at a higher risk of getting kidney stones. Kidney stones can be very painful and what ever we can do for ourselves to prevent them is well worth doing. Drinking plenty of water each day, eating right and getting enough exercise is always a good place to start.

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