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Whiplash Treatment


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Suffering from a headache following a whiplash impairment can be quite typical. The initial symptom most people report is in a form of neck pain. In many cases the whiplash headache will frequently be greater than the pain felt in the neck area depending on the intensity. This is extremely common in the first few weeks after the wreck.

An estimated two thirds of individuals who have had a whiplash injury report awareness of a headache also. Almost half of people who are stricken with headaches after their accident detect some discomfort in the rear of their head. Another group studied reported receiving a throbbing headache throughout the entire head. Others only felt sensations at the base of the forehead, temple, and back of eyes.

The average person will show signs of whiplash headaches during the next day after the vehicle accident. Generally pain drifts up along the neck and continues over the back of the skull area. Nearly all whiplash headache sufferers use heat compress behind the neck to help calm the headache. Never place cool compresses on this type of injury.

Try to avoid sudden neck movements it will only worsen your whiplash more. Many individuals find the entire process of looking upwards extremely difficult as well.

Whiplash headaches and other similar related injuries occur from combining inflammation of muscles with nerve irritation. When this happens the likelihood of experiencing a whiplash headache is high. These injuries can last from one to two months after an accident to years depending on how seriously a person was hurt.

One of the best treatments for whiplash headaches is having extensive chiropractic work done. A chiropractor can easily help eliminate some of your pain and immobility issues. Enlisting the service of a qualified chiropractor can do wonders for your injury and overall health. If you'd like to learn more about treatments for whiplash headaches and other automobile accident related injuries click here or visit


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