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Different Types of Headaches Cause Loss of Productivity


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US companies are losing $13 billion dollars a year because of the different types of headaches that are affecting the work force. This figure is lost through actual time off and lower productivity while at work due to impaired function.

Headaches in their various forms affect nearly half the world's population making it a universal global condition. The World Health Organization has claimed that they fall within the five most debilitating conditions that affect women.

Men are more fortunate than their female counterparts as the W. H. O. claim that headaches occur within the 10 most debilitating conditions for them.

Cluster headaches and migraine are classed as the most intense, severe headaches. These types of headaches have been known to bring on vomiting and nausea however the severity and frequency is unique to each individual.

Although tension headaches are not classed as intense as cluster or migraine headaches the disability caused by these less severe headaches is in fact greater due the the increased number of people that suffer from them.

There are roughly:

* 11% people who suffer from migraine

* 42% of people who suffer from tension headaches

3% of people who suffer from chronic headaches (combined symptoms that affect them more than 15 days per month).

Migraines and headaches not only have an economical effect on society they also can take a great toll of relationships. Migraine sufferers particularly fall into this category with as many as 70% claiming to suffer from depression and short-term memory loss.

What treatments are available

Over the counter medicines are a seemingly quick solution and are readily available from almost anywhere but taking this type of medication on a too frequent basis can lead to unexpected problems of their own.

Some of the side effects to over the counter medications can be drowsiness, lack of concentration and even more unwelcoming is the fact that they can lead to an ‘overuse headache’ which is often more severe and painful than the original headache.

Synergistic Treatment Approach

Different types of headaches can be prevented and treated very simply with a synergistic approach. They can, more often than not, be treated more effectively and without the need for medication. This type of treatment usually involves looking at your lifestyle and learning a few natural healing techniques that can have amazing results.

My profession is in health and natural healing techniques and so it is only natural that I endorse and become involved in any product that will benefit everyones health so before spending another dollar on over the counter medications get my free report on the Power of Natural Healing for treating different types of headache or any specific headache


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