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My Personal Story About Pain Relief


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Dr. Pendse takes my pulse and has me take large amounts of ashwanghanda and every two hours he gives me even more ashwanghanda. I am a Chiropractor and I have many methods I have learned and have used over the years to alleviate severe pain.

This was not a method I knew about.

You could not have paid a teacher to teach this lesson. Pain is the teacher and that teaching is making me pay blood, sweat and tears to learn this lesson about ayurveda. All day that day, I took large amounts of ashwanghanda and little by little I began to have less and less pain. Within eight hours, I was feeling much better. I had a great night's sleep and was much better the next day.

I was shocked by the whole experience. Since that day a few years ago, I have had the opportunity to relieve severe pain in many patients with a variety of musculo-skeletal disorders and other pain disorders using ashwangandha.

Many volumes have been written about the amazing properties of ashwaghanda. It is used in disorders that are related to muscle pain and is useful in enriching the blood plasma and increasing the creamy substance of semen. Obviously, it is an herb for men. However, it is an adaptogen. It helps the body adapt. Therefore, it is for both women and men but has a different effect on each gender.

Of course, only an experienced Ayurvedic clinician like Dr. Pendse would have known how to help a person in distress such as myself. I was very fortunate to have my teacher with me at the right moment.

Ashwanghanda addresses many male needs, such as scrotum problems, feeling of pain in the penis, discharge of semen mixed with blood, fear of the opposite sex, impotence, emotionally cold, and weak *** drive. Ashwaghanda by itself will not always help these disorders but it definitely would help to be a part of any regimen. Ashwaghanda should definitely be considered in any pain management situation.

Before that day with Dr. Pendse, I did understand the full use of ashwanghanda. It was not in any of the books that I had poured over nor in any of the many lectures and seminars I had attended.

Ashwaghanda is an herb every person needs to know about and could benefit from. Ashwaghanda comes in many forms; the proper form depends on the problem or on the body type. Ayurveda gives a choice as to how the herbs can be taken according to what vehicle that is needed.

If you consider the physiology of the semen you would see the connection to the nerve transmission. The nerve tissue is soft , moist and delicate and electricity runs through the nerve tract. The *** anatomy has same kinds of soft, moist and delicate tissue. Ashwanghanda feeds that type of tissue so it effects many different aspects of the body because the nervous system of the pain system and the nervous system of strong *** health are one and the same.

Today I have for you my free book I wrote to introduce westerners to the science of Ayurveda. It is packed with every fact you need to know to get started. My book is full of step by step to use it today.


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