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Many people suffer with headaches—all types of headaches. Most people have tried every medicine known to man to help alleviate the painful problem. Sometimes the medicine works and sometimes it doesn’t. The bad thing about using medicine to rid yourself of headaches is that your body can get accustomed to the medications, which leads to the medicines not working as well as they used to.

When your medications start to fail you, it may be time to turn to some home remedies for your headaches. There are many home remedies that have been proven to provide great headache relief. Below is a list of proven home remedies for you to try.

  • Apply pressure to the area where your thumb and index finger connect. Apply as much pressure as you can stand for a minute or so. As time passes while you are doing this, you will notice the pain in the head start to subside. This is a great acupressure treatment that works quite well. Do NOT use this technique if you are pregnant. Doing so can cause abdominal contractions and may result in premature delivery.

  • Another acupressure treatment is to apply pressure with your index finger to the natural indent right above your eyebrow (right above the outer corner of your eye). This has been proven very effective for sinus headaches as it relieves the sinus pressure and helps to open up your sinuses.

  • Having someone massage your scalp, neck and shoulders can also be very effective at relieving the stress on your muscles, which in turn relieves the tension headaches that many have after a hard day.

  • Alternating hot and cold compresses on the head also works well to reduce the swelling inside the head that causes many headaches. Sometimes just an ice pack on the top of the head works fine.

  • Sometimes gently pulling on your hair will help to reduce pressure and pain. You would need to start at the back of the neck and gently tug on the hair as close to the scalp as you can. Do this for at least 3 to 5 seconds then let go and work your way to the front of the head.

    There are many home remedies that you can try to relieve your headaches. As with any new treatment, you may want to consult the advice of a trusted physician before proceeding. You may be surprised at how much a simple home remedy can help you deal with something as painful as a headache. Home remedies have been proven to work for generations and you will still find many of these remedies used in houses around the world today. Many people do not like to use medications to treat such things, so home remedies are a great alternative.

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