Are Hoodia Testimonials Too Good To Be True?


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“. . . after only three weeks of taking Hoodia XR I have dropped 13 pounds and a dress size, ” reads one testimonial. “I have lost 24 pounds in the last month. . . ” reads another. Are these testimonials too good to be true? How about these? “Hoodia XR has not given me any side effects. . . ” and “. . . I never think about snacking. ” If these are the results that dieters can expect, then no wonder everyone wants to try it. There are a few critics, but the positive testimonials by dieters using hoodia and reviews of product performance far outweigh them. One informal study reported satisfactory results in 80% of the customers surveyed. Of the other 20%, many stopped using the product for financial reasons. These products can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $40 to $90 for a thirty day supply. And price does not necessarily equal quality. One of the more expensive products is currently the subject of a class action suit.

To date, only a handful of people have had anything negative to say about hoodia gordonii. There is no real controversy surrounding it. However, negative comments about products which claim to contain genuine hoodia and reviews of those products do exist. And, even these companies use positive hoodia testimonials for advertising. Consumers must be educated, at least a little, and do a little research before they buy any health supplement which claims to contain hoodia gordonii. One can not always trust the hoodia testimonials.

Genuine hoodia gordonii is expensive and rare. Exportation of the plant from South Africa is strictly regulated. Customers can look for a CITES certification, which is a license to export hoodia, and reviews of the chemical composition of the product. These are generally referred to as analytical reports. Customers will usually find more positive hoodia testimonials of products which can display these documents. There is at least one company that will not supply this evidence to the customer until the product is purchased. It might be wise to avoid this product all together.

Hoodia testimonials concerning side effects or the absence of side effects may be the most amazing to people who have tried other appetite suppressants. Most appetite suppressants are stimulants. Side effects related to stimulants can range from mild to life threatening. Ephedra, which is also a plant derivative, is a stimulant and actually caused deaths in some cases before it was banned by the Food and Drug Administration. Stimulants increase heart rate and blood pressure, not a good thing to do to an overweight individual. To date, there is no evidence that anyone has experienced any of these side effects when using hoodia and reviews of the hoodia gordonii plant’s composition does not indicate the presence of stimulants.

There are websites which are dedicated to side by side comparison of hoodia testimonials, content of hoodia and reviews of pricing. Hoodia gordonii supplements are currently some of the best selling appetite suppressants on the market. They may not work for everyone and dieters should check with their doctors before they begin any weight loss program. Obesity is a real health threat and hopefully hoodia gordonii can help people stick to their diets and lose those dangerous pounds. Hopefully the hoodia testimonials at the beginning of this article are not “too good to be true”.

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