Obesity Surgery is a Serious Decision


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Obesity surgery is a serious decision to make if you are obese and wish to lead a healthier life. There are many complications that can occur in addition to the benefits. For example, if you have stomach stapling done you may pop a staple at some future point after the surgery. If you get a band it could slip. Either way you’ll need corrective surgery.

Beneficially your stomach will be much smaller in size and unable to hold as much food, which in turn should allow you dramatic weight loss. Just because your stomach is smaller doesn’t necessarily mean that your appetite will be smaller after you recover. Some people find that initially their appetite is dramatically reduced but after their bodies heal from the surgery old habits return. This can be especially difficult if you are used to eating quickly and ordering large amounts of food.

You should write a personal note to yourself or several copies of the same note that say something to the effect of ‘Remember to chew slowly and pay attention to how much food you are eating. ’ After an obesity surgery you will fill up very quickly and can inadvertently make yourself sick.

It is possible to find ways to cheat on your new weight loss plan and thus regain your weight. One of these is simply to ‘graze’ all day. Even if you can only eat small amounts at a time you can still gain weight if you constantly eat tiny portions of high calorie foods during the day. This is unfortunent and a common occurrence in patients with whom the obesity surgery doesn’t take.

Also continuing a sedentary lifestyle will hinder your efforts. Its important to start and stay active. One way to stay active and a suggested way for obesity surgery patients is walking.

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