Finally, A Diet That Works!


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Ok, so it's not exactly a diet, but follow the steps and you will lose weight. I've been battling with a few access pounds for years now and it seems to be a battle neither side wants to lose. I am a firm believer in the old Latin saying “In a healthy body resides a healthy spirit" meaning the state of our physical body is only a reflection of our soul, our spirit. So for me those access pounds had much more meaning then just weight.

I though long and hard how to go about losing the pounds. Do I cut back on my food? If I do how am I resolving the real issue? What is the real issue? How do I find it? Am I ready to acknowledge it? Asking those question I found myself traveling down a path I wasn't sure I understood. I decided to take a small step, picking a neutral path, where I wasn't attacking my issue directly, but at the same time working on more then just the physical aspect, hoping that as I go along everything will fall into place.

1) As you take your morning shower, visualize your body the way you desire it to be and say the following phase " I release myself from the emotional burden I am carrying. As the water flows down my body I feel my excess pounds disappearing down the drain. “

2) As you sit down to eat, ask your body if it is hungry, does the food you are about to intake agree with your body. Simply close your eyes and visualize the food before you. Imagine how you will feel after eating that specific meal. Will you feel full? Light? Healthy? Energized? Or will you feel drained, and heavy? Allow your body to guide you. I want you to really be in tune with your body. Take yourself to that place of feeling drained and lethargic.

3) Once a day dedicate 10-15 minutes to meditation. Find a comfortable place to sit, you may sit or lay down, what ever is most comfortable for you. As you begin to relax you will once again visualise your body in the form you want it to be, keep that image through out the duration of the meditation.

That's it, really. I know it sounds simply and it is. I have lost 7 pounds in 14 days following the above steps. One of my biggest tests was potato chips, I always find myself snacking on them. I went to grab a bag and then I thought about how I would feel afterwords. I visualized myself eating a handful and I can't say that I got a good feeling from the visual. My once favorite snack felt a bit stale, heavy, too salty and very negative to my body. I put the bag because I simply had no need for it anymore . All I did was listen to my body and that is all you have to do. Be aware of what your body needs, it will let you know. You may find yourself craving veggies or fruits, you may even discover you want something you've never tried before. Most importantly if you listen to your body it will guide you to a beautiful place where you will vibrant and energized.


Ines is a psychic reader and an intuitive counselor who assists her clients in finding clarity and reconnecting with the truth that resides within them. For more information or a chance to win a FREE reading visit her website at .


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Looking For A Diet Which Works? Look No Further!
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