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Gastric Bypass Price - Complications Gastric Bypass


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When it comes to being morbidly obese, sometime loosing weight through more natural means like daily exercise is not possible. As long as you qualify for it though you can get have a gastric bypass procedure performed on you as a way to loose that weight but the best part is that as long as you do qualify, in many cases, the insurance companies will also pay for the surgical procedure.

The procedure is not just a single operation, but rather a grouping of operations when performed simultaneously the result is lost weight. In general, the first portion of the procedure is a division of the stomach which is also known as a stomach stapling in which a small egg sized pouch will be made in the stomach. From here there may be several options but in general they all incorporate a re-routing of the gastro-intestinal tract in such a way as to prevent the absorption of fatty materials.

There are also a number of possible complications associated with the gastric bypass which all patients need to be well aware of prior to even going into the doctor's office for the initial consultation. These complications and risks can range from mild to the severest being death. While deaths related to the procedure are rare, it is still a viable risk that one should be prepared to accept if they decide to undergo the procedure. There is also the possibility of an infection, hemorrhage or even a hernia. Furthermore because the bowels and the stomach have been made smaller and re-routed, there is also the possibility of a bowel obstruction as well as dumping syndrome. Nutritional deficiencies are also common place as one is no longer able to absorb a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc. to function properly on a daily basis; in which case most people who undergo a gastric bypass will need to take supplements for most of their remaining life.

The good news though is that as long as you are willing to accept the possibility of these complications and risks associated with the gastric bypass procedure, it is possible to get your insurance company to foot the entire bill. Morbid obesity is considered to be a life threatening condition and thus many states have required that the various insurance companies to pay for the procedure. Unfortunately that does not mean that getting the funding will be easy, it is often a long process and may even take well over a year before authorization is granted. If you are in no luck though, the $17,000 to $22,000 price tag of the surgery can be an expensive proposition for anyone to undergo.

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