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Obesity Solutions

Kayla Schwinner

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Before going into what you should do to lose weight, I thought it would be best to start off with what you should not do. The following are all ways that I do not recommend you choose:

1. Starvation low calorie diets.

2. Gimmick diets like “The Cabbage Soup Diet. "

3. Diet pills.

4. Low carb diets like Atkins.

5. Surgery.

What Are Obesity Solutions?

A sensible diet that you can stick with long term combined with exercise. In particular strength training exercise (yes it's far more important than cardio. )

The Day Off Diet

What you need is a sensible diet you can start immediately that comes with a strength training program. That's exactly what you get with The Day Off Diet. The diet is very easy to follow as it requires no carb counting & no calorie counting. It's a “no hunger" diet that doesn't try to starve you, instead it lets you learn what foods you should be eating more of. It lets you eat as many “green light" foods as you want. These are foods that will fill you up without making you fat. They are the satisfying foods you should be eating more of!

The diet also has a “day off" (which gives the diet it's name) built into it. Basically on every 7th day you can eat anything you want. This is a big positive to the diet for two reasons. #1 it helps you to stick with the diet long term by allowing you to satisfy your cravings and #2 it boosts your metabolism with a regular “calorie spike" that actually makes you lose weight faster!

Strength Training Program

While The Day Off Diet says that exercise is not a required part of their program, it is of course always recommended. Their plan comes with a free strength training program that will help you to build muscle fast. Every pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day even at rest. Compare that to a pound of fat that burns only 2 calories per day and you can see why muscle is so important for long term weight loss & fitness.

Start Now

There is no better time than the present. The Day Off Diet can be downloaded immediately.

Start Now .

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