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Anti-Obesity Medication For Obesity Treatment


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Acomplia (rimonabant) - Anti-obesity medication for safe and effective weight loss

Acomplia is an anti-obesity drug manufactured by Sanofi Aventis. It is used to aid obese and overweight patients with associated risk factors of high diabetes or high cholesterol lose weight. Acomplia is approved for use within the European Union and has been available to patients in the UK since June 2006. This anti-obesity medicine is yet to be approved by the FDA for the US.

About Acomplia

If you want to know how Acomplia helps in weight loss, the following explanation will help you out.

Acomplia as an anti-obesity medicine works by blocking receptors called cannabinoid-1 receptors (CB1). These receptors are found in several parts of the body such as in the brain, fat tissue, digestive system, liver, and muscles. When these receptors are over activated, they lead to an increase in appetite, cravings for food and fat build-up.

Acomplia blocks these CB1 receptors and leads to a decrease in appetite, and allows you to control hunger which consequently results in significant weight loss.

Strength and Ingredients of Acomplia

Acomplia contains rimonabant as it active ingredient, which is a type of medicine known as a cannabinoid-1 receptor antagonist and works as an appetite suppressant. This anti-obesity medicine is available in 10mg and 20mg dosage and is to be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Side effects of Acomplia

There are very few side effects of Acomplia and they are temporary and transient in nature. Some of the side effects of this anti-obesity medication include nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea, vomiting, hypoglycaemia, anxiety, and mood swings.

Online availability of Acomplia

If you want to get Acomplia online but are not sure if you will get it or not, read on. Most people can get this anti-obesity medicine without any problem. However, if you have certain medical conditions because of which Acomplia becomes unsafe for you, you will not be able to get it online or offline.

If you are obese i. e. your BMI is over 30, or are overweight and your BMI is between 27 and 30 and you are at risk of medical conditions related to weight or body fat, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension, you can get Acomplia prescription online.

If you meet any of the following criteria, you will not get Acomplia online :

  • over 75 years of age
  • decreased liver function
  • decreased kidney function
  • had a heart attack or stroke in the last six months
  • history of depression or suicidal thoughts
  • epilepsy
  • allergy to rimonabant or any other ingredient of Acomplia
  • Severely decreased liver and/or kidney function
  • Uncontrolled serious psychiatric illness
  • Major depressive illness
  • People taking antidepressant medicines
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding


- If you are under treatment for any major depressive illness and are also taking antidepressants for it, do not take Acomplia anti-obesity medicine

- Acomplia should not be taken by patients who have or had in past, suicidal thoughts or depressive disorder without consulting a doctor

- Patients with uncontrolled psychiatric illness excluding depression should avoid taking Acomplia

- If at anytime you experience any symptoms of depression, stop taking Acomplia immediately

Why Acomplia is used as an anti-obesity medication?

In a placebo-controlled, multi-centre clinical trial, 287 patients of both sexes, 18 to 65 years of age with a body mass index (BMI) of 29 to 41 were randomized to receive 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg of Acomplia rimonabant or placebo while on a slight calorie-controlled diet.

After 16 weeks, patients receiving Acomplia rimonabant lost two to four times more weight on an average than those on placebo. In addition, the waist circumference among patients taking rimonabant decreased more than among patients on placebo.

Rimonabant can also increase blood levels of ‘good fats’ called HDL-cholesterol and reduce levels of ‘bad fats’ called triglycerides leading to overall good health.

Acomplia is used and preferred widely as an anti-obesity medication because of its safety and efficacy profile.

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