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Stop Over Eating - Self Hypnosis to Overcome Over Eating Problems


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Prevent Obesity: Stop Over Eating

Over Eating is a habit that many people develop early in life. It is also a habit that can cause serious medical implications. Overeating is defined as eating beyond the point of satiety and when not prompted by hunger. In our society, where food is plenteous, most people don't know what hunger feels like. Most people don't allow their bodies to get to that point before they eat. Not understanding your body's hunger signals can lead to overeating, and overeating leads to obesity.

Overeating Leads to Obesity

When a person overeats, he takes in more calories than his body needs for functioning. This excess caloric intake increases the person's overall body weight. A person is considered obese is they weigh 20 per cent or more above normal weight. The most common way to determine obesity is to calculate body mass index or BMI. A person is considered obese if they have a BMI of over 30. A person becomes morbidly obese when they weight 50-100 per cent above normal weight or have a BMI of 40 or higher.

Medical Implications of Obesity

Obesity leads to many health problems, most are life-threatening. It has been determined that healthcare costs increase by 36 per cent and medicine cost increase by 77 per cent for people who are obese. Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and stroke, to name a few. To reduce the risks associated with obesity, most people need to stop overeating.

Understanding Overeating

In order to stop overeating, people have to understand what triggers them to over eat. Overeating has many triggers. Some over eat in response to stress, emotional distress, boredom and fear. To most, overeating has become a habit. They simply over eat because that is what they have always done. In order to prevent obesity and other medical problems, it is important that they stop overeating.

Compulsive Overeating

Another form of overeating is called compulsive overeating. This type of overeating has been compared to alcoholism and other addictive habits. People compulsively overeat because of the “high" feeling it gives. They use food to hide from the emotions they feel. This is considered to be an eating disorder and needs to be treated as one would treat anorexia or bulimia.

How to Stop Overeating

You may be asking yourself, “How do I solve my overeating problems?" There are as many solutions available as there are causes for overeating. It is important to first understand what is causing you to overeat in the first place. Most overeating practices are continued because the person has formed an overeating habit. This habit needs to be broken before they can stop overeating.

Self Hypnosis Recordings To Overcome Over Eating Problems

One easy way you can help yourself to eat more sensibly is to listen to a well made self hypnosis recording. There are many of these on the market so always look for one which comes with a guarantee.

An excellent self hypnosis recording is available here Stop Over Eating from the self hypnosis online store Other related titles include two recordings to help with weight control and one on overcoming addiction to sugar. All of the self hypnosis recordings on this site are backed by a sixty day guarantee and are available both as CD's and also as MP3 downloads.


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