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How to Stop Compulsive Overeating For Good


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Do you want to learn how to stop overeating? The leading cause of obesity in our society is eating too much. Overeating is defined as eating when not hungry or past the point of satiety. In a society that has “supersized" food portions, trying to stop excess eating is often a difficult task. People that are compulsive eaters use food to help sooth an underlying problem. This uncontrollable, compulsive eating is often followed by feelings of guilt or shame. The compulsive eater usually ends up feeling worse about themselves following the binge eating.

Understanding Compulsive Overeating

This is classified as an eating disorder. It is characterized by periods of binge eating. Unlike bulimia, there is no purging afterwards. This great quantity of excess calories unavoidably results in significant weight gain. This weight gain can cause a person to experience obesity. Not all obese people have an eating disorder.

Signs of Compulsive Overeating

There are many warning signs that are associated with compulsive overeating. A lot of the warning signs are similar to other eating disorders. A person will have an unhealthy preoccupation with food, often going on strict crash diets or vigorous exercises without experiencing weight loss. Most compulsive eaters eat normal amounts to little amounts in public, but will binge when no one else is around. Often moodiness or depression will follow these binge eating sessions.


When beginning to learn how to stop overeating, it can sometime be useful to understand why you do it. Generally overeaters use food to try and cope with stress, anxiety and low-self-esteem. Whatever the cause, the result is usually an increased amount of stress, depression and low self esteem. Anyone that is trying to stop this pattern will tell you that they will feel worse afterwards, but don't know how to stop. Strict and restrictive diets often backfire, causing the problem to perpetuate.

Associated Health Problems

Many health problems are associated with food. The most obvious one is obesity. With the excess of calories that are consumed, the body increases its fat supplies, causing the person to become obese. Obesity also brings with it a plethora of health concerns. High blood pressure and diabetes are two life-threatening conditions that result from this behavior. Non life-threatening conditions such as indigestion and nausea also occur.

Getting Help

You may be thinking to yourself, “How do I stop my compulsive overeating problems?" There are many avenues to try that will help you. First, it may be important to understand what is causing you to eat this way. Dealing with these problems is often the best way to deal with the problem. Support groups, self-hypnosis and medical interventions are examples of the help that is available to help stop overeating.

Self Hypnosis Recordings To Stop Compulsive Overeating

One very accessible way to help you stop eating too much is to listen to a good self hypnosis recording. A well made recording by an experienced hypnotherapist can really make all the difference. The good recordings will always come with a money back guarantee and will tend to require repeated listening to be fully effective.

An excellent self hypnosis recording is available here Stop Compulsive Overeating from the hypnotherapy and NLP website Other related titles include two recordings to help with weight control and one on overcoming addiction to sugar. All of the self hypnosis recordings on this site are backed by a sixty day guarantee and are available both as CD's and also as MP3 downloads.


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