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Biliopancreatic Diversion Cost - What is the Price of Bariatric Surgery?


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Biliopancreatic diversion is also known as bariatric surgery. It is quite a major operation which involves the cutting of the stomach. A fairly large incision is made and the stomach cut into a smaller size. It is diverted to the intestine and a large portion of the intestine are bypassed which results in small amounts of food getting digested. Hence fewer calories are absorbed so the weight does not increase and because food intake is less due to a smaller stomach the patient loses weight fast. Losing weight and keeping it on an approved level is what the operation is all about.

However the cost of this operation is variable. It depends on the doctor, the hospital and the area of the operation. Getting operated in the United States may be more expensive than getting operated in Spain or any other European country but then the cost of flying there will have to be included. Also the patient will have to go back and forth for subsequent check ups all his life. The doctor should be a well-qualified experienced doctor. His charges will definitely be high.

Medical check ups, medicines and consultation fees, all have to be considered when calculating the cost of the biliopancreatic diversion procedure. Though the cost of the surgery varies according to the surgeon, the type of procedure, the range of support services offered, approximately the basic prices range from $ 25,000 to $ 35,000. Some doctors may charge more, others may charge less. The procedure involves stay in the hospital for three to five days and that could be an added cost.

These costs may or may not be covered by insurance. Many States have passed legislation requiring insuring agencies to offer insurance for weight loss surgery for patients providing it meets the criteria laid down by the National Institutes of Health. This has to be discussed in advance by the patient and the insurance provider. If the doctor or the operating surgeon can explain that this procedure is not a cosmetic surgery but an operation to minimize health problems in later life, the insurance company may understand the case and give its approval.

Some clinics claim that they have had an eighty percent success in obtaining insurance money for their clients who have had biliopancreatic diversion procedures. It is the way the operation is considered and looked at- it is definitely not a cosmetic one. Obesity leads to blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and other related problems. Hence this type of surgery is a precaution against such illnesses and a preventive one. Seen from this angle, the biliopancreatic diversion procedure is more a health necessity than a cosmetic surgery.

Biliopancreatic Diversion
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The Quoted Cost Of Gastric Bypass Surgery And The True Cost Of Obesity Surgery
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