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How Can I Regain Muscle Recovery After Gastric Bypass?


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Due to the nature of a gastric bypass procedure to cause rapid weight loss, the chances of you loosing muscle mass as well as fat cells is very high. Almost all patients who have undergone a gastric bypass also need to rebuild their muscle mass to normal levels. After the gastric bypass procedure and once you have regained your health it is important to start up a new exercise routine in which to help increase your lost muscle mass. This exercise routine should be accomplished under supervision so that you do not over-exhaust yourself.

These exercise routines should include ample stretching as well as a light cardiovascular routine. Do not rush into the exercising and heed your doctor's warning and recommendations regarding this exercise routine.

Chances are you will need to work a low impact routine which may include things like walking and swimming. These low impact activities will assist in burning off excess calories faster and will not overstrain your body. Your doctor may even assist with the needed vitamin and nutrient supplements and may even suggest that you focus on a high protein, low calorie diet to help regain the muscle mass and improve your overall health.

It is important to discuss and come up with an outline for your exercise regiment with your doctor since there may be some health issues involved which may not present themselves until after the routine has been started. Remember that you are no longer able to take in the needed nutrients and vitamins as it is and adding a exercise routine to your list of daily activities would mean that you will need even more supplements added on to the long list of missing vitamins.

Make sure that this exercise routine is fully planned out and that you are completely committed to accomplishing your goals since for many people their lack of daily exercise may have been what led to their weight gain to begin with. Ask as many questions as you can, chances are your doctor may even have you go to a rehabilitation therapist for the first couple of weeks after the procedure who will go through an entire routine that will be specifically designed for your exacting needs.

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