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Gastric Bypass Cost - What is The Price of Gastric Bypass Surgery?


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Just as the world and its general inhabitants have begun to realize that obesity should be considered a serious health disorder, so too are the insurance companies with many of them starting to cover the costs of either gastric bypass procedures or a lap band procedure. On top of this, if you should have to pay for the procedure out of your own pocket you can expect to pay between twenty and thirty thousand dollars for the procedure. It is important to check if your medical insurance company will cover the costs of the procedure before deciding to either raise the capital yourself or seek funding for the procedure.

In general, many medical health insurance companies will only cover the gastric bypass procedure only if you qualify for it. One of the biggest requirements is that you generally have to be 100 or more pounds overweight. You will then have to show to the insurance company that you have put forth a serious effort in order to try and control this weight gain through lifestyle changes and dieting. If you cannot prove this then you may not qualify. You must also have no alcohol abuse history as well as you have to have been overweight for a period which exceeds five years. There is also a requirement concerning your mental stability as they will require that you have not suffered from depression or any other serous type of psychiatric disorder in the recent past.

Costs do not stop at the surgery as a person who undergoes a gastric bypass procedure will also have to make some serous lifestyle changes which may also add to the costs. These changes may include gym memberships and special diets. You will have to completely commit yourself to daily exercise as well as a whole new diet with almost no sweets.

You will also have prescreening costs and even your medical insurance may require you go in for physical and psychiatric evaluation prior to scheduling the procedure. After the procedure you may still have a psychiatric evaluation as well as several checkups which can be weekly in some cases to ensure that there are no major complications appearing. It is important that you understand before making any decision what you will be in to such as the new changes in lifestyle as well as the possible complications and risks associated with the procedure.

Dr. Jim Greene would like to provide you with sound information that will help you in your decision making process.

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What Happens During Gastric Bypass Surgery?
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