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Gastric Bypass Risks - After Gastric Bypass Surgery What Are The Main Risks?


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Just like any other surgical procedure currently available, there will be risks involved with the gastric bypass surgery that one may or may not get. The good news is that in most cases if you follow the directions your surgeon gives you as well as make sure that you are receiving proper medical consultation along with the procedure, you can lower the chances of any of the risks by a great amount. It is important that before any final decision has been made as to whether you should go through with having a gastric bypass procedure performed that you know and understand the possible complications associated with this procedure so that you can make a well informed decision.

When undergoing a gastric bypass, there are risks that can include things like bleeding or even infections which may occur at the point which the surgeon made the incisions. The bleeding risk has more to do with your body's natural blood clotting ability while keeping the incision area cleaned properly after the procedure you can generally disregard these two risks. In many cases you may have to go in for a follow up procedure to remove skin that has become saggy since your loss of weight as a result of the procedure. It is also quite possible for you to get gallstones as well as gastritis which can be prevented by watching what you eat and following the diet plan the surgeon has outlined for you. You could experience vomiting but in general this can be prevented by watching what and how much food you eat in any given period. Because of the lower amounts of food that you will be able to intake, you may experience iron, calcium and vitamin b-12 deficiencies but these can be remedied by the daily intake of supplements. Chances are your surgeon will even suggest and prescribe many supplements to help you recover from the procedure.

It is very important to follow your planned out diet as one of the worst dangers associated with a gastric bypass, not including death, is that of dumping syndrome. No person who undergoes a gastric bypass should have to suffer from this which is caused by the ingestion of sweets and other minerals that your surgeon will prohibit you from ingesting. If you end up getting dumping syndrome you will feel bloated and nauseous. You may also see vomiting as well as dizziness and excessive sweating. In general this is cause by the ingestion of sweets which you should sustain from but it is also very important that you follow your diet plan accordingly.

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After Gastric Bypass Surgery - What if I Can't Eat?
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