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After Gastric Bypass Surgery How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?


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Many people inquire as to how much weight a person can lose through the means of a gastric bypass procedure. Unfortunately this weight may vary from patient to patient. It is also important to note that no weight can actually be given in pounds format. For any gastric bypass surgery patient, one can expect to loose anywhere from 66 up to 80 percent of their pre-surgery weight. However this does not necessarily include all the weight the patient wants to loose as there are some areas on many people that will just not burn away. These areas can be seen even in persons whose weight is not excessive and yet they still have a “beer" gut. This is some of the hardest to loose weight and it can be found in many different areas on different people.

The good news is that this 66 to 80% weight loss usually is obtained between 18 and 24 months after the completion of the procedure. While the gastric bypass procedure is considered to induce rapid weight loss what one has to remember is that this rapid weight loss does not include the total weight loss potential of the patient but rather only the first 70% of their total potential.

Within the first few months alone the gastric bypass patient can expect to loose 30 to 60% of their pre-surgery weight with the remaining weight loss obtained through discipline and hard work. The only way to loose this remaining weight is through a complete lifestyle change as well as a steady and healthy diet regiment.

You may also inquire with your surgeon during the consultation as he or she will be able to give you a more accurate percentage since each person's biological structure is different. Depending on many factors you can loose more or less weight over the course of the years following the procedure. To maximize your weight loss potential you have to be totally committed to the program of altering your entire lifestyle and breaking your old eating habits including that of intaking any substance with sugars in them.

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What Happens During Gastric Bypass Surgery?
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