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Is The RNY Gastric Bypass Reversible?


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The gastric bypass surgery known as RNY Gastric Bypass accounts for more than 80% of all weight loss surgeries every year in the U. S. and although lap band surgery was recently released to certain bariatric clinics across the United States as a test trial, the place that has been performing the procedures for more than 10 years, Europe, has also recently moved more towards the gastric bypass in order to repair the lap band failures.

But all over the country today everyone hears that only the lap band procedure is reversible since it uses an inflatable saline filled strap that is wrapped around the stomach. This is of course not true at all seeing as though almost all surgical procedures can be reversed should the need arise. To assume that a RNY gastric Bypass surgery cannot be reversed is obviously wrong. There are actually many medical health clinics all across the United States that are capable of performing this reversal. Furthermore the reversal of a gastric bypass procedure can be dine with only 2 day stay in the hospital after the procedure and with only a 7 day recovery period.

The biggest problem with having a reversal is why you would want one. Unless there is an underlying medical issue that has surfaced since the procedure, there will never be a need to have a RNY gastric bypass reversed. Many people who may even be contemplating this question are those who may not be able to handle changing their entire lifestyle and eating habits as needed to have a successful bypass. In general, these types of people are the ones who are looking for an easy way out rather than putting forth the effort and are looking for a plausible way out if they feel they can no longer take it.

A gastric bypass surgery can be reversed, but it should not. Unless there is a medical issue that comes up and requires the reversal of the gastric bypass, then the though should never even cross your mind. If you are going in for a gastric bypass then you have to be in it all the way and committed to the successful completion of weight loss and good health.

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is the rny gastric bypass reversible

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