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Obesity Will Plague You For The Rest Of Your Life Unless You Make The Decision To Change Now

James R. Donaldson

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This may sound harsh to many of you reading this article but I'm not putting forth my time and effort to make you smile and feel all tingly inside, I'm trying to open your eyes and take a hard look at what is going to happen if you don't make a change. Diabetes and heart problems are not something that you want in your future. As some of you may have seen through viewing my before and after pictures I was on that very road which you are traveling now, that is until I heeded the warning signs and made a complete turn around, the very thing which I'm suggesting you to do today. It is with the knowledge that I have acquired through my own experiences that I extend my hand out to you for support.

The road is full of pitfalls, it is easy to get lost and discouraged and it can be very hard to travel alone. The good news is that you don't have to go it alone because there are people out here that will guide and support you every step of the way. I make myself available for anyone wanting guidance, support or motivation in order to continue on the proper path to a complete lifestyle change which will strengthen, exuberate and extend your life. There are so many good people to surround yourself with who will guide you in the proper direction and require nothing from you except your commitment to want a change.

I was miserable with a fat body, I was ashamed of the way I looked, my joints hurt me all the time, my cholesterol was way out of line, I was always tired, indigestion was just a common occurrence and if any sort of cold virus were going around I was the first one to catch one. My health was just in such a mess that I was always going to the Doctor for some ailment which would turn into another prescription of some kind to mask the symptoms. There is just no reason for someone to have to live that way all because we are ignorant of the simple steps required for ending it through a lifestyle change. I have gone from that low point in my life to currently being pictured in several bodybuilding books which are displaying my before and after photos. Goal setting and the power of the mind will take you anywhere you have a desire to go.

In order to get started it is important to go in for an examination by your Physician to make sure that there isn't some underlying medical condition which is causing your obesity problem. Blood work is always a good approach because it will show the entire picture and give you a starting point. I make it an important priority to get mine done a minimum of once a year in order to see where I need to make any adjustments if need be. When your Physician gets the report make certain that he gives you a copy of it so you can do your own evaluation as well. I have found through my own experiences of examining the reports where the Doctor said everything was good there were areas that needed some attention in order to be optimal. If you do a little research on the internet you can find allot of information on reading your own reports. I am one of those individuals that want to be better than good, I want to be optimal.

It is possible to reverse many of today's diseases simply by controlling what you put in your mouth. For a few minutes of chewing enjoyment you can jeopardize your health, is it truly worth it? Believe me, I enjoy junk food as much as the next person but it doesn't control me the way it did in the past, I control it. No person has to go without a treat once in a while, it's necessary at times so don't ever tell yourself that you can never eat a certain food again, just plan for it. I love chocolate cake but I will not eat the ones that you buy in the store which are nothing but sugar and white flour, I developed my own version which is made with whole grain spelt flour, sugar free instant pudding mix, fat free milk and several other healthy ingredients and I feel there is not a cake on the market that will compare to it for richness and taste. I would be glad to share the recipe with anyone who would like to try it. I have converted many of my old favorite foods that were causing my health problems into healthy versions which I am more than happy to share with anyone interested.

Refined sugar and white flour are responsible for most of the obesity problems and can easily be eliminated from your eating habits. It doesn't take a big change to make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel, please believe me when I tell you that. My writings are on subjects which I have personally gone through myself and experienced first hand. You may be thinking to yourself, so it worked for him but it doesn't mean that it will work for me, well I'm telling you that unless you try it you will never know. I have developed such a deep passion for helping others feel the same exhilaration that has enveloped me since my own transformation that I will do whatever I can in my power to plant a seed in your mind which will grow and flourish into a passion within you to become the person you know you can be.


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