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There's No Time to Waste


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Fat kids. . . Skinny kids. . . . kids of every sort. that's the beginning of a popular commercial, problem is there are way more fat kids than skinny kids in America. And not just children either, adults are also putting on the pounds. It's said that as adults we tend to add almost 10 pounds a year to our body weight. And that is not muscle tissue or water weight. It's plain old fat.

When you are adding fat to your body, your are missing out on the nutrients that your body needs. This is bad for adults, but much worse for kids. Everyone talks about the children being our future. If things continue to progress as they are now, that future is going to be a mess. A society of people who can barely get up out of bed and go to work. The thought of getting up and going off to the gym for some exercise for our future citizens is almost preposterous.

The last figures I have seen reported is that the typical American consumes about 10 lbs of sugar a year. What a disaster! There is little if any redeeming quality in sugar. Granted it tastes good to those who like sweets. And to those that have extra sensitive taste buds to sweetness, eating sugar filled delights is like manna from heaven. But unfortunately, the part of the body that celebrates the sugar sweetness is less than a square inch in size. It's a tiny spot or area on your tongue.

Once it passes that teeny tiny acreage, then all heck breaks loose. Blood sugar sky rockets, causing insulin levels to jump up and run wild and the pancreas I'm willing to bet, starts sweating. That's if it really could. I know it can't be happy. Sugar in the blood has it's place. You can experience low blood sugar, which is obviously a sign of not enough sugar in your system. But other than that, the white granular substance should be put up on the shelf and left there for the ants or some other small creature. let them get fat.

The root of the problem, to my way of thinking is the pace at which we now live our daily lives. A meal at home with the family all at the dinner table is for the most part non-existent. If you do happen to catch a family dining together, it's most likely tucked away in a booth at a fast food restaurant. I know I've beat up on sugar, but it's not the only culprit here. Fried foods fresh from the deep fat fryer are just as bad. In their own way, they are even worse.

Whose to blame for the lack of freshly prepared family meals? No one in particular. There is enough blame to go around. Fast pace life period is a big culprit. Mom and dad both working trying to get ahead, and then all the extra curricular activities kids are pushed toward, so they can have an impressive college application plays into our bad eating habits. Or kids with no supervision after school, buying soda pop and candy and chips. Not to mention a zillion kinds of donuts and other crap.

So what's the answer? I knew you'd have to ask that. There is no one answer. There are several answers, depending on from which direction you want to attack the problem. It's an extraordinary story.

America is getting fatter by the day. It's time to reverse the trend. It can be done. It's a matter of finding the right sources and taking the time to put a plan into action. If we as a country and a people don't do something right now, the life span which has been in the recent past expanding, will in fact start to contract.

Milford Walton


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