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Summer is when everyone loses their appetite and the stomach feels like ton of bricks. It is not surprising that a lot of people skip lunch, drink a lot of sugary drinks throughout the day, and eat a heavy dinner late at night. This schedule however has its negative aspects. It makes the metabolism sluggish and you end up gaining weight when in effect you feel you have eaten nothing. The ideal diet should be light on the stomach yet filling, energizing and definitely not fattening. Here are some options.

Protein salad
The protein can be soy granules/ soy nuggets/ tofu. Mix with chopped greens such as bell peppers, cucumber, gherkins, avocado, tomato and either a hung curd or a lemon juice and olive oil dressing. This has lots of enzymes, which will aid in digestion. Protein does not allow lethargy to set in and has reasonable quantities of the vitamin B complex and iron along with vitamin C.

A veritable powerhouse of energy, sprouts is the ultimate power foods. Sprouts are exceptionally rich in vitamin C, B complex, minerals and enzymes. Sprouts release the maximum amount of energy without being fattening.

Teeming with protein, calcium, vitamin A and iron, it is very filling and cooling.

Eat with chopped cottage cheese. Panders to the sweet tooth and is very refreshing.

Roasted cereals plus lemonade
A quick-fix convenient snack.

Vegetable porridge
Contains all the goodness of vegetables, is quick to make, very filling, does not induce lethargy. The best way to eat wheat.



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