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There’s a reason why you keep rushing off for facials, and why the cosmetics industry is worth billon dollars. It’s because you want beautiful, healthy, radiant skin. But you don’t really need to spend all that money on cosmetics and procedures. Good health is what makes for good skin, so here are some tips for brilliant complexion.

Keep your stomach clean
Most disorders begin from the stomach, and the skin shows it all. If your stomach has been taken over by toxins, it shows up on your skin in the form of pigmentation, blemishes or dullness. To keep your stomach clean, take one teaspoon of triphala every night after dinner. And begin your day with teaspoon of pure honey (honey that does not contain added sugar. ) mixed with the glass of warm water into which half a lemon has been squeezed. Finally, avoid strong laxatives, whether herbal or allopathic, as they dehydrate the body.

hyderate your body
The elasticity and softness of your skin is dependent on water, so maximum damage to your complexion occurs when your skin is dry. To prevent that, you must drink water. Tea, coffee and coals throw thirst mechanism out of gear, so it’s important to avoid them when you try and estimate the correct water level for yourself. However, anything upwards of 1.5 liters of water day is good. And if you have very dry skin, or an outdoor job, make sure to apply moisture locking agents on your skin.

Nourish your Body
Yes this sounds, very basic, but it’s maxim that’s often forgotten, and therefore a key cause of bad skin. Papaya is excellent for the skin: its enzyme, papayas clean the stomach and apart from that, the fruit is rich in vitamin B complex and beta carotene. You can both eat papaya and apply it to your skin. Other foods that nourish your body include pineapple, carrot, beetroot, tomato, spinach and other leafy vegetables, watermelon and pomegranate.

Super food
Food like wheatgrass juice, alfalfa juice, fenugreek seed sprouts and lentil sprouts are great for skin. Similarly flaxseeds, primrose oil and almond oil are good for skin.

Air supply
Two things are important. First, the skin must breathe. Therefore using lots of skin-clogging makeup is not in your best interest. Second, you must revs up oxygen and blood supply to your skin to get that glow. And you can do that with aerobics exercise. It also helps to relax your mind, which is very important for skin that looks fresh. And you must also get enough rest and sleep. If that’s not possible, try meditation offers the benefits of a long period of sleep in a much shorter time frame.



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Finally Say Goodbye to Dry Skin With These Tips on Using Natural Skin Creams
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