Cutting Sugar Cuts Calories and Offers a Healthier Lifestyle

Shauna Hanus

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Cutting calories by cutting sugar is a great way to loose weight, but there are other reasons why someone might want to cut sugar from their diet.

The reasons for people to cut sugar intake from their diet may include:

1. Eating a more natural and healthy diet. Sugar is a highly processed food and is loaded with chemicals from the processing. Our bodies are not designed to handle such concentrated amounts of processed empty calories.

2. If you are diabetic or are concerned about your blood sugar levels a low sugar diet may be a good choice. Research has shown that low sugar diets can help to control blood sugar levels.

3. If loosing weight then a high sugar diet is not a good choice. Sugar is a diet buster and will negate all the healthy choice you make when dieting.

Now you need to know how to satisfy your sweet tooth without the use of processed refined sugar.

1. Fresh fruit desserts. Fresh fruit desserts such as balsamic vinegar and berries, ambrosia and minted melon are all excellent ways to have a sweet treat without the sugar.

2. Eat only small portions or avoid dessert all together. This option may work for a short while but if you begin to feel left out then this cutting out desserts will not work for you.

3. Choose alternative sweeteners. Alternative sweeteners such as saccharine, aspartame, Splenda may be good choices for a sweet taste but they may not be an overall healthy choice.

Saccharine, aspartame and Splenda each have side effects. They are all sweet and may be the best choice for you.

Shauna Hanus is a work at home mother that discovered after having children she had gone from a slender size 8 to a size 16. Once she decided to do something about her weight she began to tell others what she has learned. Shauna’s site is dedicated to real people who want to lose weight and lead a healthy life style. Shauna offers tips on weight loss, healthy diets and guides you through selecting a diet that will work for you. Visit to see how you can start leading a healthy active life today.


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