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Basically honey comes in various physical forms:

1. Comb Honey:

It is difficult to find comb honey nowadays, but sometimes you can find a jar of liquid honey to which a piece of cut comb has been added. Before the invention of honey extracting device, honey is mostly produced in the form of comb honey. Today, very little honey is produced as comb honey. Comb honey is raw pure honey sections taken straight from the hive – honey bees’ wax comb. It is the most unprocessed form in which honey comes - the bees fill the hexagon shaped wax cells of the comb with honey and cap it with beeswax. You can eat comb honey just like a chewy candy. Because the honey in the comb is untouched and is deemed to be pure, honey presented in this form comes with a high price tag.

2. Liquid honey:

I easily find this honey everywhere. When I travel abroad, I notice that most countries seem to have no lack of it. Liquid honey has been filtered to remove to remove fine particles, pollen grains, and air bubbles, and heated to melt visible crystals after being extracted from the honey comb by centrifugal force or gravity. Because liquid honey mixes easily into a variety of foods, its uses are diverse. It is used as a syrup for pancakes and waffles and in a wide variety of recipes, and it's especially convenient for cooking and baking.

3. Cream honey:

If you are one of those who complain that honey is messy to use, cream honey would be an excellent alternative to liquid honey. Cream honey, also known as whipped honey, spun honey, granulated honey, or honey fondant, is found in the market in a crystallised state. It has one part finely granulated honey blended with nine parts liquid honey. The crystallisation is controlled in such a way that at room temperature, the honey has a smooth consistency and can be spread like butter.



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