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Healthy Snacks for your Childrens

Pankaj Kumar

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It is normal for children to get hungry in between meals, but selecting and picking the right food for your child can be a real challenge for sure. All the packaged foods that come your child’s way however, are anything but healthy.

Full of sugar, refined flour and preservatives, they are anything but healthy and nutritious for your child. However snack time is truly a brilliant time to give your baby nutritious food to ensure that he/she stays healthy and safe.

  • Popcorn:

Who does not love popcorn? We understand that popcorn has what you would call a bad reputation, but in reality without the addition of the sugar for the caramel and the cheese or the butter, popcorn does turn out to be quite healthy.

The only thing you need to worry about when you decide to offer popcorn to your child is that it does not irritate their throat or get stuck since the chances of choking might slightly be high.

  • Nuts:

A combination of healthy fats, fiber and antioxidants might just be the ticket to health your child needs. You see, the dietary fat that you get from nuts is extremely important for a child’s growth. However there are a few precautions you need to take when you decide to give nuts to your child.

Our child nutritionist in Delhi says that it is always better to check for allergic reactions that your child might have on exposure to certain kind of nuts.

  • Paneer/cottage cheese:

This fresh and creamy cheese can prove to be an excellent snacking partner for your child and an easy one to digest and eat. Because the cheese is soft and easy to bite into, children do not have an issue chewing on it.

Full of protein, calcium, B12 and selenium, Cottage Cheese also is an excellent source of vital nutrients for your baby.

  • Hard-Boiled eggs:

Hard-Boiled eggs make for an excellent, nutritious, easy & quick snack for your child anytime that they are looking for something filling to eat. Apart from the obvious protein content in hard-boiled eggs, they also contain various other minerals and vitamins, apart from B12 and riboflavin.

Eating eggs can also help beter your child’s vision since they are also full of nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein. And if that was not enough, then eggs also contain choline, a nutrient that I exceptionally necessary for ideal brain development.

  • Fruits:

There is such a variety of fruits all around us that your child may never get bored of eating them. A piece of any fruit, deemed age for the baby, is a healthy and convenient snack to have on hand, whenever your baby gets hungry.

Bananas, pears, grapes, apples are some of the fruits that travel quite well when you are in a hurry and on the go. On the other hand, fruits like pineapple or mangoes need to be cut prior to consumption.

Our diet consultant in Delhi truly stand by these foods that you should incorporate in your child’s daily diet. But prior to any change in diet, do make sure that you consult your doctor if you are worried about your baby facing any allergy issues.


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