Women Bone Health and the Factors Affecting it

Pankaj Kumar

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A look at the lifestyle today and it no alien that the word busy has taken over in every context. To make everything around us perfect, we are running a race never to win and making compromises. The first and the foremost bargain usually come with our bodies and we think its fine to do so. Skipping meals or having junk food just for the sake of killing those hunger pangs we have might be leading us to a better financial tomorrow but are deteriorating our health without a doubt.

Call it unfair, but it is known for a fact that women are at a much higher risk of suffering from problems related to bone health compared to men. Women bone health deteriorates at a rate much higher after the age of 30 and there is little that most women do about it. The International Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that the disease affects about 200 million women worldwide.

Why are women at a higher risk?

The answer to this question depends upon Estrogen levels in the body. Estrogen is a hormone that regulates a women's reproductive cycle and at the same time is responsible for a higher bone density for women and for men. However, there is a drop in Estrogen levels in the women's bodies after menopause and this subsequently leads to a fall in bone density.

Bone health for women is affected by multiple factors and none of them should be ignored in any case.

1) The amount of calcium in your diet
Lower calcium intake is one of the very first ways of inviting diminished bone intensity, early bone loss and osteoporosis.

2) Physical activity

There is an indirect relation between physical activity and osteoporosis. Women who work out more are at a lesser risk.

3) Tobacco and alcohol

The more you intake tobacco and alcohol, the more loss you suffer.

4) Size

If you have a weak build or an extremely thin body, it is highly likely that you will be an early prey to the disease.

5) Age

As you grow older, your bones deteriorate.

6) Race and family history

People of white or Asian descent are at a higher risk compared to others. Also, if there is a family history where a sibling or parent has this problem, it is likely that you might have it too.

Now, this might seem like never ending problem with not really anything in your hand initially. But, there are precautions that you can take to prevent your body from reaching a stage of extreme bone loss. The very first step in the right direction is a diet for strong bones. Consumption of food rich in calcium is a must and makes up an important part for your health. The next thing to be consumed regularly is milk. Now, when it comes to milk there are usually two factors:

1) The milk available in the market is not pure and synthetic milk is incapable of providing all the necessary nutrients for strong bone health

2) Most of the people do not find the taste of milk appealing enough to drink it on a regular basis.

To solve the above two problems, there are multiple health drinks available in the market catering to the health of women. The nutrient content in these drinks completes the requirement of the body and the addition of flavors such as caramel and chocolate, make the essential glass of milk tasty and exciting.


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