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Celery - What Are The Health Benefits?

Jason Brunes

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Every Monday morning is our Market day. My husband and I will wake up early in the morning to buy everything that we need for the rest of the week. It is not convenient to some, but it is cost-effective. In the market, we find sellers and customers. They transact businesses in exchange of commodities to monetary value. This is the simplest way how selling of goods work in the market. In another perspective, markets are places where we can buy our health. Why buy health? Is health being sold in the market?

We can see different health items being sold in any parts of the market. These foods give nourishment and builds up our body. Some of the foods that we commonly buy in the market are spices, meats, vegetables, fishes and fruits. These are foods for our health. These foods can cure us, protect us, and support us against impending viruses that can infect. There are the displays of nutrients and vitamins that we can see in market stalls. We have garlic, banana, orange, cabbage, broccoli, fishes, and other sources of nutrients and vitamins that can stabilize our health.

One sure way to avoid hypertension is to protect our cells in the body. There are perennial sources that we can buy in the market. One of which is celery. Celery is neither a vegetable nor spice. It is an edible plant because all the parts of the celery plant can be eaten and used. We can eat it raw or cooked. It can be used for plating that serves as garnishing. It can also be processed as drinks. It has low calorie content, which is good for diet meals. Celery tops with other vegetables with the same content, promotes natural ways in maintaining a balanced diet.

Celery leaves contain Vitamin A. Its stem has vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C that provides potassium, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and other important amino acids. Why is it included on group of foods that lower blood pressure? The juice that we can extract from the celery is a magical juice that neutralizes the blood Ph and acid in our body. It is also serves as tonic that we can find in energy drinks, because it is a good substitute for electrolytes. Instead of buying energy drinks that are too pricy and chemically refined, settle for natural juices that we can get from the celery itself.

Celery prevents cells from forming radicals that damages cells in our body. It effectively lowers blood cholesterol in our cell. Celery juice helps us to restrain our cravings from sweet foods. It is a simple plant, yet it has bundles of nutritional benefits that cannot be exchanged for anything. Take advantage of how this celery works in our cell. Merchants trade this food not only to sell, but also it is for our cell. Take celery for our cell, it is not only for sale, it is a great deal for health.

Celery is an edible plant. Yet it completes the total health package of a certain food. The effect that it has in our body is evident as it works in our cells to protect them from any radical damages. We sell our life if we are after on temporary cravings of our body but we seal our life forever if we know how to properly take care our cells through celery and alike.

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