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New Acai Diets


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For my health class I was given the assignment to do research on some of the newest diet fads. The first one I thought of was the one I had seen on Oprah. Oprah and Acai has been this new diet craze that is sweeping the nation. As I watched the episodes on television that she had broadcast, I took notes like crazy. I researched what was in the Acai diet and how it worked. By the time I was finished I knew everything there was to know about the diet. I wrote my essay and turned it in. My teacher gave me a great grade and added a personal note about how she was going to try it out.


When I watched Oprah and Acai on the Internet, I was intrigued. I have a sister who has a thyroid problem and nothing seemed to be helping her except for prescription medicine. She was always unhappy though because she had horrible side affects from the medicine. I ordered some for her without telling her. When it arrived I took it over to her and she was skeptical but was willing to try it out because she liked to live as natural a life as possible. She started taking it and after awhile she called me telling me she was starting to feel so much better.


I am always looking for a healthy way to take care of my body so I am constantly on the lookout for the next thing that scientists have looked at to help us stay healthy. when I had heard about Oprah and Acai I did more research on what it entailed. I loved what I saw and decided to try it for awhile. Not only did I feel better about myself but the energy I felt was amazing. I called all my family and told them all about it. They knew that I always had good ways of taking care of myself.

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Fat Loss Diets - Why Most Diets Fail To Lose Your Fat
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