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Are Acai Berry Fruits & Products a Scam? - Why Are These Superfruits So Special


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In this article, we will have the Acai Berry overview behind this super fruit. Did you know that the Acai Berry came from the rainforests of Amazon in Brazil? With the richness of Amazon's flora and fauna there lives the trees of Acai Palm in which the Acai Berry fruit grows. You might be wondering what this super fruit look like? The Acai Berry is a little darkish purple that is small in size. Just like small grapes however majority of it is seed that is enclosed with little amount of pulp. It is in here where the fruit is almost 90% seed and that no one is eating the seeds of the Acai Berry.

Part of the Acai Berry fruit & products are the reasons behind it being a special and super fruit:

1. This small fruit is composed of nutrients compared it with any food found in this world.

2. Dr. Perricone chose the Acai Berry fruit as the world's super food found in “The Perricone Promise, " his bestseller.

3. According to Oprah in 2005, the Acai is the number one super food for her for it belongs to the foods which are powerful and nutritious.

4. A little bit of trivia here is that the Acai Berry has even ten times powerful in terms of its antioxidants versus the red grapes, and make that twenty times better than the blueberries.

5. New York Times which released a statement last 4th of August 2004 in which according to them the Acai Berry fruit is excellent source of antioxidants at the same time amino acids. Acai is considered to be one of the most helpful fruits in the rainforests of the Amazon. Another vital part of Acai Berry fruit & products deals with the taste, and availability. The Acai actually has a flavor like that of a berry with a little twist of chocolate as it's after taste. In short, the Acaid tastes so nice and good. Acai are available in the local markets of the rainforests in Amazon so you can avail the fresh ones.

However, if you live outside the Amazon, fresh Acai is clearly not a great choice for it perishes easily, at the same time it can only last for 24 hours for after that time it is spoiled. The question that builds in your minds now probably is where can you have an Acai fruit? Actually, there are a lot of ways like the pulps of the Acai can be frozen and preserved to be shipped to the US. However, this method is very expensive. The other way deals with the pulp being turned into a powder to be dried freeze, then it will be transformed into a capsule as a supplement. These Acai capsule supplements still contain its powerful and healthy properties in a form that is concentrated. In this way, you can experience being healthy and strong through this capsules, affordable and convenient to satisfy and help our bodies in need. This is the Acai Berry fruit & products, hope it helped you become aware of the super fruit.

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