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Acai Berries From the Amazon in Brazil? Know Their Source & History Here


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This article shall answer the question on where Acai berries come from, its source and history. The Acai Berries thrives in the rainforests of the Amazon in Brazil. It is in this area where specialists, botanists, and scientists strongly believe that it has lot of herbs and plants that are medical and curative. To back up this belief, the Amazon where able to boast its wide range and widely discovered berries. In order for us to know where Acai comes from, its source and history, we now go to its legend. Based on it, there was intense starvation at that hit one tribe.

Then, Laki, the tribe's superior instructed that for no exceptions, all the babies must die and become as sacrifice. Having said that there are no exemptions, even her grandson, her daughter's baby became a sacrifice. Having a very painful experience, Laca, the tribe superior's daughter was depressed and locked herself in her shed, she takes no food and no water. Until one night, she has this vision of her baby weeping, so she searched out until her vision saw that her baby lies below a palm tree. The next morning, the tribe leader's daughter, Laca found laying death beside the said palm tree where she envisioned her baby is crying. When the tribesmen looked up, they saw a number of clumps of dark blue purple berries. This dark colored berry now known as Acai Berry later on discovered to be their means of tribe's ability to survive the starvation. Para's capital which is Belem is where this super fruit being harvest. The Belem locals are said to be the descendants of the tribe. In fact, the Acai Berry plays a vital role in the growth of this regions economy which helped to lessen problems of starvation. Now that we know where Acai comes from, its source and history, we know discover the people behind its success.

For the Brazilians, the palm tree where the Acai Berry fruit dwells is considered it to be their “tree of life. " Just like grapes, the Acai Berry grows in bunches or clusters that hangs on top of the tree. Climbing is the way in order to harvest this wonder fruit which can only last for 24 hours after picking up. The only way to retain its freshness and to extend its shelf life after 24 hours is to place it in a freezer. The local surfers of Brazil were said to be the one responsible in introducing the magic and power of this Acai fruit. The Brazilian surfers consume the Acai Berry juices which later on helped their bodies replenish the energy lost, at the same time allowed them to stay stronger for a long time. There were two surfers from California who were amazed of Acai Berry's power and positive effects. They later on formed a company which distributes the Acai Berry. With the fruit's ability to rejuvenate and help the body to develop and become healthy, no wonder this Acai Berry will still go along way, helping people live, and stay longer and stronger. Now, we know where the Acai comes from, its source and history.

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acai berries from the amazon in brazil

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Acai Berry Research - University of Florida Says Acai Fruit Fights Human Cancer .
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