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Oils and Fats in Your Juices

Mark Snare

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Essential oils, Omega fats, fatty acids, trans fats, there is a lot of fat out there, some good some bad. We hope we can help you sort them out, as a broad term the only good fats come from the non animal world. Simply put the only fats and oils really worth eating are from fish, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

We get our fats and oils from good sources, avocado is good, hemp and flax seed oils are also good, and both give a nice nutty flavor. Oily fish are good as well; we make sure we eat some small oily fish, e. g. mackerel or kippers three times a week. And we go to the counter to buy it. I don't dig fish in cans all that much as the can material can get into the fish.

Nut and seed oils are good things indeed, so try and add some avocado, coconut flesh, hemp or flaxseed oil in your juicer mixes two or three times a week, you only need a little splash as these nutrients are very concentrated.

You can fortify a juice by throwing a handful of nuts, seeds or a mixture into the juice at the blender stage. This is when you need a blender that is fast and powerful enough to mill the nuts and seeds making them super digestible. The auger juicers are multi function and can be used to grind up nuts and seeds too.

Remember nuts in particular are very calorie heavy so you don't need many of them, and try to avoid buying salty nuts, it makes them incredibly more-ish. Seeds are always worth milling or grinding as they are very hard to digest. Nuts and seeds have a lot to offer, they are very mineral rich too, the old saying is “nuts and seeds, greens and beans" with that lot in your diet regularly you'll be well nourished.

for more on the blenders and juicers needed

Mark Snare owns and operates and lives a fresh and fruity life!

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Essential Oils Healing Through the Vibrational Frequencies of Oils
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