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Healthy Living - Healthy Chocolate and Weight Loss

Sean Hagon

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We have all heard it before-"It's bad for you, It's good for you. " This has been happening for decades and we were repeatedly told that chocolate was loaded with fat and calories making it a sinful indulgence.

However, health experts are now saying that the right kind of chocolate is a healthful addition to our daily diet and yields tremendous health benefits.

Not all chocolate is created equal and neither are the health benefits. Certain kinds of chocolate, particularly a fairly new product on the market today called Xocai Healthy Chocolate, retains optimal levels of natural antioxidants, cocoa butter and other vital nutrients. Those that have consumed healthy chocolate have experienced an increase in energy, weight loss and other health benefits.

So what is the difference between Xocai and other chocolate products on the market?

First of all, most commercial chocolate is alkalized (also known as dutched) which seriously degrades the majority of its antioxidant content. This is done through the process of heat-pressing and by adding preservatives, sugars and additives which are all unhealthy for you. Xocai products however, are prepared with a patented cold-processing system that preserves cacao's precious antioxidant agents.

What about sweeteners?

The Xocai healthy chocolate products use low-glycemic sweeteners such as raw can juice and crystalline fructose. In addition, unlike candy chocolates that usually substitute milk solids and oils, Xocai retains the natural cocoa butter in cacao. This cocoa butter improves a product's taste and feel while it retains what is known as the neutral fat status. As a bonus, their products do not contain any artificial ingredients, waxes, fillers or added caffeine. These are bad contributors to weight gain.

How can the healthy chocolate help in weight loss?

You can eat healthy chocolate and lose weight by simply replacing the bad with good. In other words, drop the Snickers bar and consume for example, 3 Xocai Dark Chocolate Power Squares. They have just 100 calories total when compared to a 2 oz. Snickers bar which has 271! Not to mention that the total fat content in the same Snickers bar is 13.6 grams and contains some trans fats as well as poly and mono unsaturated fats. These are not healthy for you. Just 3 of the Xocai Healthy Dark Chocolate Power Squares have a total of 6 grams of fat with no poly, mono or trans fat.

The ingredients of the Xocai power squares are very simple - Dark Chocolate, (Unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa, Soy Lecithin), Acai Powder, Blueberry Powder. Next time you are in the store take a moment to look at the growing list of ingredients in a Snickers Bar. Enough said.

Healthy chocolate has many more health benefits that are just too numerous to mention. It is finally possible to eat chocolate and lose weight with a product such as Xocai. As a bonus, their healthy chocolate is 100% all natural, certified Kosher, vegan friendly and diabetic safe. There is no other healthy chocolate product on the market that can assist you with weight loss like Xocai healthy chocolate.

So what is the remedy for experiencing weight loss and enjoying it? Just replace the bad with the good and you will experience great results.

To Learn More About Healthy Chocolate and Weight Loss You Can View Sean's Xocai Healthy Living Website.

Sean Hagon is a top Internet marketer who works with other top income earners from around the globe. He is dedicated to his team and works hard to ensure their success. He runs a very successful online business and specializes in helping others to create 6-figure incomes working from home.


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