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Is Detox For Me? Reading This Before Embarking On Any Detox Diet


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Detoxification can be a scary concept to many Westerners. Detoxification challenges each of us to change our entire lifestyle for better health. There's no “magic pill" or herb that can detoxify your body overnight. It takes hard work and careful thought about what goes into our bodies in order to detoxify. And the results are not seen immediately.

Would you rather live a shorter life unrestrained by rules, and die a prolonged death brought on by unnatural circumstance? Or, would you rather live a longer life restrained by simple lifestyle rules, and die a peaceful death from natural aging?

Asking whether or not detoxification is for you is synonymous to asking the aforementioned questions. If you're human, then you're already a part of the detoxification cycle. Your liver, kidneys, skin and lymph nodes have been detoxifying your body since before birth. By the time we are in our 20s, most Westerners have already poisoned their bodies so much that they need detoxification to become healthy again. The personal question for every Westerner is whether or not they choose to continue their poisonous lifestyles without detoxification.

What are some of the consequences of not detoxifying? Obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and metabolic breakdown are just a few short-term effects that won't immediately kill you. However, after 10 to 20 years of toxin buildup, the price becomes very steep. Obesity leads to heart disease and joint problems. High cholesterol and high blood pressure leads to strokes and chronic arterial decomposition. Metabolic breakdown leads to neurological disorders, psychological disorders, diabetes and eventually, death.

You may be thinking that it's a waste of time to live healthy since everyone will have some sort of health problem and die one day. While this is true, the question of what you want to contribute to the world remains. It's not just about whether or not if detoxification is for you alone. It's also about whether or not detoxification is for your community as well.

As a healthy person, you will have more of a positive impact than if you were diseased and ill all the time. As a healthy person, you can be more active and give more of yourself to those around you. Your children, co-workers, spouse and community will benefit if you are healthy. You will have boundless energy and serve as a healthy role-model to future generations as well. You will have the ability to open the eyes of the Western world and change the negative lifestyle patterns for good.

Detoxification demands a change in your lifestyle. Often, detoxifying will force you to slow down your lifestyle. You must take more time for yourself and your health. Think about the consequences of not detoxifying, verses the consequences of not pleasing your boss or finishing a deadline sooner. Is your life less valuable than your fast-paced lifestyle that demands all your energy? Is it really worth pushing your health over the edge for that earlier deadline? Will your children remember you for your health, or your latest business project?

Emma Deangela is the author of detox and fasting site at Detoxify Your Body Combining both Asian and Western philosophy, Emma Deangela has helped many people by giving them health consultation to make their lives better and healthier through natural health philosophy. Visit Detox to discover the health philosophy that lead many people to a healthy life. Find out various more about various Detox Diets


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