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Raw Food Diet For Beginners


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If you're looking to lose weight and live a healthier life that you might want to adopt a raw food diet. In this article I am going to talk about raw food diet for beginners and how it is beneficial for you.

So what is raw food diet in the first place?

It is basically eating as much raw food as you can while avoiding cooked food.

You see, when you cook your food most of the nutrients and proteins die off. In every food this thing called enzymes. They are like proteins. In fact, they are proteins but they act as a protein catalyst To keep your body healthy.

And like every living thing proteins need to be constantly replace when eaten food, you replace the dead enzymes, but you won't get enough of that if you cook the food.

Think of Japan. They have the biggest population of old people. Why is that you can't eat healthy and most of the diet is raw. Think of the diet which consists of rice, raw vegetable, fish and fruits.

In fact there was a scientific experiment when they had cats eat raw food and cats eating cooked food. The cats eating raw food were healthier and more happier, while the cats eating cooked food developed abnormalities in the bones, chronic skin problems and allergies.

So I suggest today, you start eating raw vegetables, fruits and nuts.

One of the best investment you can make in life is a fruit blender. You can then blend all your favorite fruit juice at home. (note: most fruit juice at the store is nothing more than starch and sugar so avoid that)

I hope this article motivates you to adapt a raw food diet. Not all you die should be raw, but try To the raw once in a while. You just might like it.

To get recipes of raw food diet for beginners, check out my website.

Amanda Wright is a Dietician and works in Toronto. For diet tips, visit Amanda's website to get your FREE Weight Loss with Amanda e-newsletter. You can get the e-newsletter at and it won't cost you a penny.

raw food diet for beginners

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