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How to Make Your Own Health Food Super Energy Drink For Pennies

Harry R. G. Becker

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More and more people are coming to the realization that eating healthy is in their best interest and that it is their sole responsibility to do so sooner than when their body starts failing. The two main culprits of not eating healthy on a daily basis are first of all the convenience of fast food restaurants. Second would be the massive and very irresistible advertising of convenience foods that tempt us while we watch TV, read newspapers and magazines, and especially when we shop in grocery stores.

Great news. If you like to eat volume amounts of food, and like to also have a big variety to choose from, and most of all be able to maintain your recommended weight, you can. Here is how you can do that. Eat all of the FRESH VEGETABLES that you want for your entire main meal. Eat all of the FRESH FRUITS that you want for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. You will grow healthier day by day as you do this. You will feel and look better, have more energy, and be able to maintain you proper weight. This is not a diet. It is change in your lifestyle of eating. You will almost never get sick either. Wow, all these benefits and your local grocery store is packed full of everything that you can eat. Organic fruits and vegetables are fine but not necessary to get excellent results. They are also more expensive.

Here are the FRESH ingredients for one of the most nourishing, natural, healthy, vitamin rich, supper meals you could ever eat and it is in the form of a drink. You will need a drink mixer to make it. Blenders don't work because they do not have the plunger attachment that allows you to push the vegetables into the cutter blades. Search the Internet for mixers. Mixers cost more than blenders but they do the job. If you divide the cost of a good or even the best mixer into, the number of meals you make each day times 365 days a year, you will see that the cost is quit low. Better yet, top quality mixers have warranties of 5-7 years. This brings your cost per use down top pennies per use. If you are not able to buy the best mixer out there, invest in a mid-priced one so you can get started right away. Remember, beginning is half done.

Make six meals worth of ingredients at one time. The seventh meal, eat what you have been missing, as a treat. Do this once a week, maximum. Place the ingredients is 6 zip-lock type plastic bags and keep in your refrigerator. Use the contents of one bag, for supper, for one person, per day. Mix the contents in your mixer (not blender) for about 20-30 seconds. You will be full after drinking the contents of each bag. The taste is like drinking a salad but it is much better for you because you are eating more ingredients and no bad dressings. You might want to add a few drops of your favorite hot spice, but that is optional. The entire six meal preparation takes about 20-minutes. Clean up is fast too.

Here is the full EVENING MEAL recipe:

1 Roma tomato
1/2 Red, Orange, or Yellow Bell Pepper
1 fist full of Broccoli
1 Entire Scallion (green onion)
1/3 bunch of Parsley
1 fist full of Cauliflower Crown (optional)
1 medium Carrot
Memo: No celery because it does not blend well in mixer
1/2 fist full of purple cabbage
1/2 pound Spinach
2 1/2 cups (20 ounces) reverse osmosis filtered water
Blend for about 20-30 seconds while mixing with blender plunger.
Drink it all, including the bulk, within 15 minutes

HERE IS THE DAYTIME SNACK PACK: Eat every few hours until gone

1 cup red or purple (not green) Grapes
1 Apple
1 Orange
2 pitted Dates
2 Bananas
20 Almonds-salted if preferred

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