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Organic Health Secrets - What You Should Know About Organic Foods?


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Switching to Organic Foods

In olden days we use to buy food products, fruits and groceries just looking into price and quality. But now we consider lots of factors. Such as if they are fertilizers free, if they are grown in free farms with good water and so on. Even in other products we are looking for the percentage of saturated and unsaturated fats. Because we all know that Health is Wealth. That's the reason why all are switching over to organic foods because they are worth for their price.

A variety of agricultural products can be produced organically, including produce, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, and processed food products.

Difference between Organic and Non-organic Food

The main difference between between Organic and Non-organic Food is in the process of growing food products.

Non-organic Food

In olden days before World War II, farming without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides was the only option for farmers. Technology developed and farmers found some chemicals such as ammonium nitrate, which was used as munitions, became useful as fertilizer, and organophosphates used for nerve gas were later used as insecticide.

In non-organic food products fertilizers are used for production increase, they use insecticides to control pest's animal antibiotics and growth hormones are used to increase production and to prevent diseases.

Organic foods

Whereas in Organic foods natural fertilizers are used. (i. e. they use chopped plant materials, Seed Meals and Green Manure) which is an excellent source of natural fertilizer. Green Manure is used to protect the growth of weeds in plants.

What kind of fertilizers are Used In Growing Organic Food?

You hear a lot about how bad fertilizers are for the planet. And yet, organic food is grown with fertilizers. What kind of fertilizers? Organic fertilizers, of course!. This means they haven't been synthesized or altered in their basic chemical makeup. When the media talks about the dangers of agricultural fertilizers, they are only talking about synthetic fertilizers.

What are the standards for growing organic food?

The USA government has set some standards for growing organic food and they have to obtain a USDA certificate before sales. Once if you see organic foods labeled USDA Organic it means that the food products are manufactured as per the standards of the U. S Government.

US government has set standards of what should not be included in organic foods. Natural foods can include organic foods, but not all natural foods are organic. Only foods labeled “organic" have been certified as meeting USDA organic standard

Organic Food Types

There are three types of labels found in Organic Foods

1) Completely Organic which means that the food product is 100% organic?

2) Organic which means that the food product may be 90% organic

3) Contains Organic Ingredients which means that the products such as cereals contains organic ingredients and are 70% organic

So before buying organic food, check for the labels.

If we take organic food, drink pure water and do regular exercise then it should certainly go a long way in maintaining good health.

If you are interested in healthy living you should know more about organic products. Organic Is Great | USA State Tourism | Dog Training Gym |


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Organic Grocers - The Organic Food Shopping Experience
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